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InterLOG - Right place for talents

Our development needs you! InterLOG welcomes prominent candidates from any part of the country to collaborate and create sustainable values together.
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Employees are the greatest asset a company has

We are proud of a team who always pursue innovation, creativity, enthusiasm and views from different perspectives to solve problems and bring the best quality of service to customers.
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At InterLOG, you'll be empowered

Proactive work environment
Consistent with our human development focus: Unleash individuals power, InterLOG empowers our people the right to make their own decision and be a part of the optimization process.
Regular in-depth training
InterLOG holds regular technical and soft skills training courses with work rotation amongst departments to give employees a better overview of the entire organization.
High promotion opportunities
InterLOG is willing to offer promotions to higher levels and pay raises for those who have excellent performances and strong leadership skills.

Our innovative people

Unlock your inner power

THE NEXT GEN-I programme is designed to help our people upgrade skills and prepared them with a solid foundation for promotion.

Internal position rotation

We offer open opportunities to work in different positions to increase the knowledge and experiences of each employee.

Team Leader/ Manager nomination

This programme is opened for talented employees with strong leadership skill and passion.

Senior position rotation

Senior candidates will experience new work environments at joint ventures in InterLOG's ecosystem to gain greater value.

Success sharing

InterLOG is ready to share work outcomes for senior and committed employees through the ESOP stock reward system.

People of InterLOG

The professionalism is expressed in our knowledge and proper manners with customers, partners, and other employees.
We put 100% of our effort to understand customers and partners to create values for them with our optimized solutions.
Our teams go the extra mile to find the most optimal methods to serve customers at our best.
The people of InterLOG complete every single task wholeheartedly at our highest energy and passion.
InterLOG ensures our employees find joy at daily work by creating an open and flexible work environment.

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