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Warehousing & Fulfillment

Our full suite warehouse management systems transform your warehousing into a high fulfillment centre ready for the new era of e-commerce.

Our large-scale facilities leverage your productivity

Binh Chanh warehouse
Location:Binh Chanh, HCMC.
Total area:7500m2
Capacity:7700 pallets
Details:The warehouse has 2 main gates and 7 side gates, container and truck yards.
C4B warehouse
Location:District 7, HCMC
Total area:2231m2
Capacity:1900 pallets
Details:The warehouse has 2 main gates and 1 side gate, parallel container and truck yards.

Our services


Goods loading & unloading

Packing & stamping



Inventory management

Our qualities leverage your operations

InterLOG is agile and adaptive to market changes

Our team of experts predicts and catches the market trends and circumstances based on data-driven analysis to plan and execute real-time solutions.

Warehousing are at the most strategic locations

We operate two warehousing located in the core industrial parks of Ho Chi Minh City, which connect to main national delivery routes.

20+ years of experience in Warehouse and Distribution management

With our profound experience in this field, InterLOG quickly assembles and customizes products moving through the distribution system effectively.

Fully equipped and modern warehouse management system

Our professional warehouse management system enables us to track and manage detailed information about imported and exported goods.

Goods are guaranteed insurance and fire protection

We are attentive to the quality of all kinds of goods. Thus, we offer goods maintenance practices, guaranteed insurance, fire prevention systems, etc.