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Risk management consulting

Risk assessment is an integral part of comprehensive protection planning, and it is also seen as a way to create unique value for businesses. Risk management consultancy aims to change the approach in order to ensure the sustainable future of the enterprise.

Implemented solutions

Risk management consultancy supports businesses in identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks, with the aim of enhancing their risk resilience and fostering sustainable development.

Customs liquidation report - Optimizing sustainable supply chains

Based on the objectives and needs of each business, we provide tailored consultancy solutions that are suitable.
Resolve comprehensively
Limit risks for the entire system
Accompany businesses in building sustainable risk management models
Provide guidance and in-depth training
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Our solutions

InterLOG always aims to stand side by side with businesses to improve awareness, risk management and professionalize actual combat expertise in customs settlement reports. We are committed to bringing valuable solutions and meeting the needs of each individual business.

Customs liquidation report training at enterprises

- Provide training on knowledge and practical experience in filling out forms and tables for customs settlement reports according to the curriculum.
- Help enterprises fully understand the requirements for customs settlement reports to develop and improve their management procedures.
- Learn how to identify causes and resolve discrepancies in customs settlement reports.
- Answer any practical questions from enterprises within the scope of the training content.

Review customs liquidation report data

- Review data before submitting the customs liquidation report
- Review data after submitting the customs liquidation report
- Re-review the data in the final customs liquidation report and the enterprise's implementation process to advise on adjustment plans for the next year's customs liquidation report
- Periodically review customs liquidation report data (Monthly, Quarterly, Annually)

Post-clearance audit

- Review the enterprise's operational data within the scope of the post-clearance audit to identify discrepancies and their causes.
- Provide justification for the matching of data and preliminary calculation of import duties and VAT subject to collection.
- Minimize risks of penalty costs and tax collection charges.

Performing customs liquidation reports

- Minimize errors and discrepancies in customs settlement reports
- Achieve maximum efficiency in data processing
- Handle BOM issues and prepare settlement report templates 15, 15a, 16
- Timely submission of accurate customs settlement reports to ensure legal compliance
- Review and advise on adjustments to further optimize the customs settlement report process
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Supporting enterprises in the eeries of training programs to enhance risk management capacity in Customs liquidation reporting

InterLOG partners with the Vietnam Industry Support Association (VISA) and manufacturing enterprises to improve risk management capacity, especially in customs settlement reporting. We aim to fully understand customers and develop tailored solutions that meet practical needs of each business. Through this, we hope to contribute meaningful value to Vietnam's industrial community and support sustainable development goals.
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In-depth Seminars
Key Industrial Parks nationwide
FDI, Import-Export Enterprises domestic and international

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