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Optimizing supply chain consulting

Based on analyses and evaluations combined with the business strategies of each enterprise, we offer optimal solutions for effective supply chain management.

Implemented solutions

This solution encompasses cost reduction and domestic sourcing for effective, secured outcomes under any circumstances.

Milk-run: Cost-saving solution

Based on each enterprise's goals and contexts, we provide tailored supply chain solution that generate you the highest profit.
Timely inventory improvement
Avoid situations where goods are stagnant for long periods, reducing warehousing costs.
Reduce idle time & error rates
Goods are supplied regularly and on schedule, helping businesses reduce waiting times during production and minimize the chances of errors occurring.
Increase reliability & delivery frequency
Regular and on-schedule delivery times allow for reasonable inventory consideration and enhance the ability to continuously meet customer demands.
Long-term cost optimization
Based on flexible solutions, combined transport collects goods from multiple suppliers in one trip.

Transforming the domestic purchasing supply chain to support vietnamese suppliers

This solution is a wise choice that unlocks all barriers in the context of constant market changes due to external factors.

Enhance level and capability

Provide opportunities for Vietnamese suppliers to participate in the global supply chain.

Promote trade connections

FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) businesses diversify their sources of raw materials and enforce stricter quality control.

Organize trade connection seminars

Assit to connect between FDI enterprises and Vietnamese supplier in the Supporting industry

Develop a digital platform

Connect FDI enterprises/overseas byers with Vietnamese suppliers based on actual requirements.

Reused empty container

InterLOG offers a solution for reusing empty containers to help businesses optimize costs and time
Save ~2 hours/container
Lead firms/ Buyers provides information about desired products.
Save 50-80 USD/container
InterLOG shares the information with our alliances to find suitable SIs.
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