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Green logistics consulting

From the evaluation process to implementation, InterLOG always accompanies our customers. We are pioneers in introducing green logistics solutions and consulting on carbon emission reduction awareness.

Implemented solutions

Not only do we provide consultancies, but InterLOG also helps you implement and follow the operation to guarantee real-world success with our tailored solutions.

LCL Consolidation Our innovation resolves your time-sensitive shipment

Our vast networks, exceptional facilities and can-do teams will handle your shipment quickly, seamlessly and economically.

ICD Tien Son case study

  • High storage capacity.
  • Strategic location.
  • Advanced technology application.
  • Modular design for the extension.

Benefits of consolidating at ICD Tien Son

  • The International standard packing process.
  • 20% trucking fee reduction.
  • High-peak traffic jam avoidance.
  • Modern storage and maintenance system.

Empty container reuse - Most wise alternative for the limited time and cost

Rather than returning with empty containers, transport companies can reuse empty ones straight to the export customers and get loaded.

More speedy and
economical shipments

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InterLOG is one of the main operator of Nhon Trach Depot

Nhon Trach Depot is located in the strategic Southern Key Economic Zone and is closely connected to Cat Lai Port. This enables quicker transportation and reduces trucking fees and idle time in the depot.

New packing methods -

Innovative solution for lower cost

InterLOG offers innovative packing methods of stacking two-level in the 45 type container to fill the space. More capacity, less cost.


We can facilitate shipments from large industrial parks and assure the consistent productivity of 250 tons/ week.


This solution ensures goods are not stacked untidily, which may cause damages, loss and space consumption.


InterLOG fastens the shipping process, within 4-5 days and is delivered as a door-to-door shipment.

Barge shipping

We make things happen for you

Barge shipping takes advantage of dense systems of the river, which are the typical characteristics of the Southern region. With this solution, we guarantee the highest productivity of shipment.

Nhon Trach - Cat Lai barge shipping

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InterLOG plays a critical role in the process
In 2011, InterLOG partnered with Saigon Newport to conduct barge shipping for heavyweight containers from Cat Lai Port to
Nhon Trach Industrial Park. We facilitate through Dong Nai River, formerly 696 port (currently ICD Nhon Trach).

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