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Buyer’s Consolidation and the 20-Year Journey of Partnering with Overseas Buyers in the Philippines

Over the past 20 years of establishment and development, InterLOG is proud to be a trusted partner, accompanying a group of buyers in transporting handicrafts and ceramics from Vietnam to the Philippines since our early days.

1. 20-Year Journey of Accompanying Customers

Over the past 20 years, overcoming initial challenges, the transportation of goods from Vietnam to the Philippines has become a promising journey. Looking back 20 years, when logistics systems were underdeveloped and international transportation faced many difficulties, InterLOG is immensely grateful and happy to have been allowed to collaborate with Mr. Thang, a representative of Filipino buyers in Vietnam. He entrusted us with the task of transporting containers of handicrafts from Vietnam to the Philippines. This chance for collaboration 20 years ago has served as the bridge that has enabled us to accompany each other throughout this journey.

Buyer’s consolidation is the service this group of customers has chosen for the past 20 years, where goods are purchased and consolidated from various suppliers, manufacturers, and businesses, then transported to the recipient's location in the Philippines.

Mr. Thang and Mr. Sadat Socor were sourcing handicrafts in Vietnam 20 years ago

Here are some images of Mr. Sadat Socor, a buyer from the Philippines, visiting and purchasing from ceramic and handicraft production and business facilities 20 years ago:



Over the past 20 years, with continuous efforts and improvements in our services, InterLOG has successfully won over and retained this valuable group of customers. We have received numerous positive feedbacks from our international partners. They highly appreciate our professionalism, swift transportation, and dedicated customer care services. These commendations serve as motivation for us to continuously improve and grow.

2. Buyer’s Consolidation Service - The most effective way of shipping cargo

Buyer's Consolidation is an efficient shipping method aimed at minimizing costs and risks for buyers when they purchase and ship goods from multiple suppliers within the same country to a final destination. With a global network of agents, InterLOG offers a suitable and optimized solution for both buyers and sellers.

Buyer’s Consolidation - The Order Consolidation Solution for Importers

The significant benefits that the Buyer’s Consolidation service brings to customers include:

Cost Savings

Instead of paying for multiple small shipments, customers now only need to pay for one large shipment, saving on various costs.

Reduced Risk of Breakage and Damage

When consolidating goods into a single shipment, the handling, loading, unloading, and transfer stages will be minimized to the maximum extent, ensuring the safety of goods throughout the transportation process.

Convenient Order Tracking

Rather than tracking several different small shipments, customers now only need to track one consolidated shipment.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Consolidating shipments reduces the number of delivery vehicles needed, thus lowering emissions and other environmental impacts.

View more about the Buyer’s Consolidation service here.

3. Hundreds of shipments were transported from Vietnam to the Philippines

From the first shipments to the current batches, InterLOG has consistently provided dedicated service and support to its customers. We take pride in our experienced and committed team, who are not only knowledgeable about professional expertise but also understand the legal regulations and customs procedures of both Vietnam and the Philippines.

Our team is always ready to advise and assist customers, ensuring swift and accurate handling of every shipment.

Over the past 20 years, hundreds of shipments have been successfully transported from Vietnam to this group of customers in the Philippines.

Here are some images of packed containers:

The first batch of containers
Recent container shipments

4. Visiting customers during a business trip to the Philippines and commemorating 20 years of partnership

During our recent business trip to the Philippines, InterLOG visited our customer's business premises to commemorate our cooperative relationship and to express our appreciation for this partnership.

InterLOG visited our customer and their business premises in the Philippines.

The 20-year journey of accompanying our customers in transporting goods from Vietnam to the Philippines is an inspiring story of continuous effort, perseverance, and relentless improvement in InterLOG's service and our team. We take pride in our contribution to advancing international trade, benefiting both buyers and sellers. We are committed to standing by our customers and delivering the most optimized shipping solutions in the future.

InterLOG sincerely thanks you for your trust and for choosing us as your handicraft freight transportation provider for the past 20 years. We hope to continue accompanying you on future shipping journeys.


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