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Imports and Export between Vietnam and CPTPP countries in the first 5 months of 2022

Blog/ Vietnam Economy

In the first 5 months of 2022, export turnover between Vietnam and CPTPP member countries is about 19.5 billion USD In the opposite direction, Viet Nam's import turnover from CPTPP member countries is about 21.3 billion USD.

 Vietnam's exports to Japan in the first 5 months of 2022 reached about 9.3 billion USD, the highest among CPTPP member countries. Vietnam's export turnover to a number of other traditional partners is as follows: exports to Malaysia reached about 2.4 billion USD, and exports to Australia reached about 2.4 billion USD. 2.3 billion USD), exports to Singapore reached about 1.9 billion USD.

Vietnam's export turnover to a number of member countries that have not had an FTA before achieved certain results, such as Canada ($2.6 billion), Mexico ($1.9 billion), and Peru ($247 million).

Some typical export products of Vietnam to CPTPP member countries are textiles and garments; other machinery, equipment, and auxiliary tools; means of transport and spare parts; phones and accessories.

Regarding imports, Vietnam's imports from Japan reached about 9.8 billion USD, also reaching the highest level among CPTPP member countries. Imports from Malaysia took the following position, reaching about 4 billion USD. Imports from Australia reached about 3.8 billion USD and from Singapore about 2 billion USD.

Vietnam's import turnover to a number of member countries without prior FTA also achieved positive results, for example, Canada (approx. 258.1 million USD), Mexico (approx. 352.4 million USD), and Peru (20.8 million USD).

Some typical imports of Vietnam from CPTPP member countries are computers, electronic products, and components; other machinery, equipment, tools, and accessories; coal of all kinds; petroleum of all kinds.

**Source: moit

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