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The advantage of young human resources for Vietnam's semiconductor industry

Gen Z workforce becoming top recruitment trend, with their passion to learn, drive, energy and awareness making them promising potential for companies.

Gen Z possesses many advantages and characteristics that are very helpful for work and are bright spots for the economic development of our country.

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Some of the key advantages of Gen Z

Enthusiasm and passion for the job

Gen Z is the youth of the country; they have a strong vigor for the job, and passion flows in their blood. When they start working, Gen Z will be determined to work until the end, not easily giving up. They are passionate about their work, actively seeking and learning new things to complete their assigned work well.

Energetic and lively

Gen Z is always actively contributing opinions at group meetings, not afraid of making mistakes and being criticized. This gives everyone more opinions and options to help work go smoothly. Energetic and lively are the outstanding features of today's youth.

Good health

Youth always has the advantage of good health and a fresh spirit. Aware that health is essential, Gen Z always pays attention to exercise and sports to improve physical fitness in combination with a nutritious diet to keep their body healthy, helping them complete their work the best way and ensure deadlines are met.

Willing to accept challenges

Youth always like adventurous exploration; the more complex, the more it stimulates discovery in human nature. Therefore, Gen Z always likes to challenge themselves to step out of their comfort zone, seeking solutions to unravel knots. With the motto "Nothing to lose," Gen Z always wants to dedicate themselves, accept difficulties, mature, and learn more.

Infinite creativity

Young employees are more exposed to social networks so they can easily and quickly grasp new "hot trends" and inspire new and breakthrough ideas. This is necessary for businesses to have different strategies and solutions, creating competitive advantages over competitors. Especially for occupations requiring creativity and communication, recruiting Gen Z is the right choice.

Cost effective

Because they are fresh graduates without much experience, Gen Z accepts jobs at salaries not as high as "industry veterans." Their primary purpose is to learn knowledge and accumulate practical experience to develop their career path in the future. This is an advantage for start-ups that can maximize recruitment and training strategies for their businesses.

Understand technology

Born in the digital age, Gen Z has become "insiders" on social media sites, grasping information and "hot trends" extremely fast, and are also tech enthusiasts that few generations can catch up with.

Sharp thinking

Thanks to advanced education and continuous updates, the younger generation not only trains thinking in class but also in society. Especially in the context of no more geographical barriers, Gen Z has a tendency to learn fast and sensitive thinking through social media and real case studies from books, newspapers, and films.

Good data analysis skills

The Gen Z generation not only has flexibility in information processing but also creative and innovative thinking. Their sensitivity to social issues and ability to utilize technology help them grasp information quickly, have depth in analysis, expand multi-dimensional views, and provide new solutions to challenges of the modern world.

Easy to manage

Thanks to exposure to modern technologies, young people easily apply technologies to work management, organizing work in a logical way without missing work. In addition, they can multitask and do many jobs simultaneously while ensuring quality and meeting schedules.

Young people bring enthusiasm and passion for their work.

According to a survey of 25,000 Vietnamese university students by Anphabe, as many as 81% of Generation Z youth clearly define the criteria for choosing a job and differ significantly from previous generations. They pay more attention to the level of happiness at the company and knowledge accumulated during work than salary.

Thanks to their quick and sensitive minds and flexible thinking, young people are very interested in modern technology-related jobs, especially in the semiconductor industry. With the investment of leading global semiconductor technology corporations in Vietnam, such as Sam Sung, Synopsys, and Intel, the semiconductor industry is becoming desirable and attracting young human resources. In universities, students major in electronics and microcircuits, technology are many, and universities also strengthen training in these industries. After graduation, the semiconductor industry will receive a large number of young human resources with specialized knowledge and enthusiasm, dedicating themselves wholeheartedly to work. However, companies must also have specific policies and training plans to utilize Gen Z's potential fully.

Author: InterLOG
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