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Vietnam Industrial Complex - Nomura Hai Phong Industrial Cluster

The series of Vietnam Industrial Complex
khu cong nghiep Nomura
Nomura Industrial Park

1. Introduction

Belonging to the content of the information series about Vietnamese complexes, Nomura - Hai Phong Industrial Park by Nomura - Hai Phong Industrial Park Development Company (NHIZ) is the next area that we introduce.

Nomura Industrial Park is the first industrial park with foreign direct investment in the North.

Nomura is a reputable investor from Japan, along with the comparative advantage of Hai Phong and the city's investment attraction policy, so up to now, Nomura Industrial Park has leased land with a high occupancy rate of over 90% of the industrial park area.

2. Geographical location and traffic

Nomura Industrial Park has a good location, convenient for traffic, located along Highway 5, right at Quan Toan junction, at the beginning of the gateway to Hai Phong port city.

Distance from Nomura industrial park to locations:

  • 90km from Hanoi
  • 13km from Hai Phong city center
  • 13km from Hai Phong port
  • 64km from Cai Lan port
  • Near Noi Bai International Airport about 100km
  • 2km from the nearest railway station

3. Infrastructure and other facilities

Immediately after being granted the Investment License, NHIZ immediately carried out the necessary works for construction and after just over 2 years, the entire technical infrastructure of the industrial park was completed synchronously, including the 55MW independent power plant, water supply system, modern wastewater treatment plant with microbiological technology and other ancillary systems such as information, telecommunications, banking services, medical stations.

4. Investors participating in the industrial park

With its location at the gateway of Hai Phong port city, and the first foreign direct investment industrial park in the North, the investor is a very reputable organization (Nomura Financial Group), not only that, but Hai Phong City also has many attractive investment incentives, so Nomura Industrial Park has attracted many leading investors, mainly from Japan, the USA, and EU. In particular, many high-tech projects, operating effectively such as Robotech, Yazaki, Toyoda Gosei, Toyota Boshoku, Pioneer, GE...

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