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Happy Company Trip 2024

In order to help InterLOG members balance the 4 hormones of happiness in their body, mind, and soul, we organized the Happy Company Trip 2024 journey, "Surpassing waves to elevate and nurture happiness," in Nha Trang!

Following the theme of "Innovation4Happy" for the year 2024, InterLOG has officially launched the Happy Company Trip 2024 journey in Nha Trang. This event promises to bring memorable experiences for members together with their colleagues and families, by awakening the 4 hormones of happiness: Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphin (D.O.S.E). It aims to not only spread optimism and happiness but also stimulate thinking, foster innovative creativity, and discover new solutions to overcome upcoming challenges.

InterLOG members experience multiplied happiness by participating in games and activities with their families and friends at Vin Wonders tourist area in Nha Trang.

By experiencing and participating in activities such as Team Building, Ancestral Appreciation, Gala Dinner, and, most importantly, the underlying message of this trip, "Surpassing waves to elevate and nurture happiness," we aim to activate happiness through lively and exciting performances that help individuals develop themselves and foster team unity, like waves uplifting and surpassing any obstacles to reach the shores of sustainable happiness.

Explore the Journey of Happiness HERE.

1. Green steps towards happiness

Parallel to the Happy Company Trip in Nha Trang, InterLOG also engages in community responsibility activities by donating 10,000 green trees to the 146th Truong Sa Flotilla in the "Greening Truong Sa" program at the Gac Ma Memorial Site. These trees are funded through the Run4Green - Run4ESG 2023 initiative, aiming to contribute to the construction, landscape transformation, and improvement of the living environment quality for the people and military personnel in Truong Sa district, Khanh Hoa province.

InterLOG accompanies the 146th Flotilla in the "Greening Truong Sa" and "For a Green Vietnam" programs.

To kickstart and prepare the members for a resilient physical health and a refreshing state of mind for the Company Trip, as well as to continue the journey that spans over 52,000 km involving more than 195 members in the two seasons of Run4Green - Run4ESG 2022 & 2023, InterLOG carries on with the Run4Green - Run4ESG 2024 edition, titled "Million steps, uplifting happiness," contributing steps to generate more funds for the future green and happy trees.

InterLOG members are excitedly participating in the Run4Green - Run4ESG 2024 program, titled "Million steps, uplifting happiness."

2. Happiness for success and reaching further

The Team Building activities and the Happy Company Trip of InterLOG not only emphasize two core values of the company, #Happy_Happy and #People_Development, enhancing team spirit, trust, and interaction among the members, but also help individuals expand their knowledge, explore, and experience the diverse cultures of Vietnam in different regions.

InterLOG members participate in experiencing the Cham dance during the Gala Dinner night in Nha Trang.

A special highlight is the lesson of "Gratitude to Ancestors" at the commemorative site of Dr. Alexandre Yersin - a French-Swiss bacteriologist and explorer. He was the first to discover the bacteria causing the plague and developed the first anti-plague serum. It is through his relentless spirit of research and learning, overcoming adversity to contribute to society, that InterLOG upholds the value of #People_Development.

InterLOG members express their gratitude and visit the historical monument, the Tomb of Dr. Alexandre Yersin, Suoi Dau, Dien Khanh, Khanh Hoa

By organizing the Company Trip 2024 with meaningful programs, it helps the members gain a better understanding of the local traditional cultural values and social connections. This fosters empathy and respect among the members, thereby improving work spirit, productivity, and individual responsibility. It enables them to strive further in their career paths and become exemplary individuals in the future.

The enthusiastic Team Building teams eagerly receive the final awards at the InterLOG office in Ho Chi Minh City
InterLOG members have connected together, creating waves of happiness and filling the air with laughter at Vin Wonders tourist area in Nha Trang.
Author: InterLOG
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