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[Innovation4Culture] World Cultural Exchange: The Kingdom of the Netherlands

InterLOG continues to organize a series of international cultural events, with this exchange being the Netherlands cultural program, bringing a wonderful experience of the characteristic culture of this colorful country.

Exploring the Uniqueness of the Netherlands

Why is the Netherlands called the Netherlands in English? It's because "netherlands" means "lowlands." In fact, the Netherlands is the lowest-lying country in Europe, with about 26% of its land area below sea level and almost 60% of its population living below 5m above sea level. To cope with this, the Netherlands has built an extensive water management system, including dikes, polders (reclaimed land), and dams. However, the Dutch landscape is not just about the familiar green pastures or flat polders with black and white cows, but is much richer than that.

Netherlands - city of poetic canals, source: collected

The Kingdom of the Netherlands has a total area of 41,500 km2, with over 40% of its population living in the urban chain known as the Randstad. Although the capital is Amsterdam, the Dutch government is located in The Hague. Notably, with a population of 17 million and a population density of 488 people/km2, the Netherlands is the most densely populated country in the European Union and also one of the most densely populated countries in the world.

There is a great diversity of religion here, with 44% of the population being non-religious, 29% Roman Catholic, 19% Protestant, 6% Muslim, 1% Hindu, and 1% Buddhist.

In terms of sports, the Netherlands is famous for football, field hockey, tennis, cycling, golf, volleyball, basketball, handball, swimming, and speed skating. Among them, the Netherlands' football and speed skating are world-renowned.

Interestingly, the Netherlands is the first country to legalize same-sex marriage, and it is also the country with the largest number of bicycles in the world.

Experience Dutch Culture Together

Continuing the series of international cultural exchange programs #Innovation4Culture, aiming to develop people and understand the culture of happy countries according to the 2024 theme #Innovation4Happy. InterLOG is organizing a Dutch cultural exchange event, with activities such as Dutch costume cosplay, participating in folk dance clip making, and cultural quizzes with prizes,... In addition, the core value #HappyHappy is also reflected in celebrating the birthdays of friends in April with red envelopes and delicious cakes.

InterLOG Members Participate in Traditional Dutch Costume Cosplay

InterLOG celebrates the birthdays of members born in April with delicious red envelopes and cakes

With the spirit of "Innovator - Innovation4Culture", participating in these activities not only helps everyone understand more about the culture of happy countries around the world, but also honors the spirit of innovation and sustainable development. This also demonstrates InterLOG's efforts to innovate from within the organization, from InterLOG members, with the goal of moving towards a sustainable ESG development model.

Author: InterLOG
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