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InterLOG: 2023 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders & The Mission of "Nurturing" Genuine Leaders

On September 09, 2023, InterLOG held its 2023 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders with the purpose of reporting the financial results achieved recently, discussing new changes and voting, along with some additional agenda items this year.

The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders is organized annually by InterLOG to report on the previous year's business results, investment, joint venture and joint venture activities, including key projects such as the Warehouse & Fulfillment Services project, investments in joint venture and associated companies WR1, AWS, ACG, ILOG, etc. which are still growing and creating new breakthroughs, gaining more competitive advantages.

The 2023 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders had full participation from shareholders both directly and online

"The Golden Gate" for Future Talents

Particularly at the 2023 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, Mr. Nguyen Duy Minh - Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Director of InterLOG emphasized the company's strategic vision for the coming period, once again affirming InterLOG's core value of "People Development" that has been and continues to be built since its establishment: "People Development has been one of InterLOG's development goals over the past years, because we understand that human resources are the key factor contributing to the company's sustainable growth. In the coming time, especially towards the commemoration of InterLOG's 20th anniversary, we will continue to promote higher quality human resource development. Accordingly, we hope this place will be an incubator for genuine leaders, with sustainable thinking, having all qualities: integrity, responsibility, always putting collective goals first and bringing sustainable values to customers... Therefore, besides training activities and opportunities for development, sharing company benefits with members through ESOP policies will further motivate staff retention and contribution to the company's overall development. Moreover, empowering the successor leadership team to take on executive director roles at member companies, joint ventures and key projects of the business will provide opportunities for these new generations of InterLOG leaders to gain confidence and partner with InterLOG for sustainable development in future journeys."

Mr. Nguyen Duy Minh - Chairman of the Board of Directors cum General Director of InterLOG, shared about the mission of "Incubating Genuine Leaders"

At the General Meeting, the 2022 business results showed strong growth of InterLOG with revenue of over VND 470 billion, post-tax profit of VND 23.6 billion, total 2022 dividend level accounted for 15% of profit. In particular, InterLOG continued to expand its network in Da Nang and surrounding areas through the successful establishment of the ESG Office, demonstrating InterLOG's new strides in conquering new markets in the future.

Regarding the development of the key project of Warehouse & Fulfillment Services, according to the principle of "Heavenly Times, Earthly Conditions and Harmony", after nearly 2 years of investment, the project is showing clear signs of transformation as e-commerce trends are booming wildly. According to Mr. Nguyen Duy Minh: "If we want to harvest more, we need to strengthen warehousing and other value-added services for e-commerce platforms." The world is increasingly developing, Industry 4.0 has changed our thinking to be more civilized and developed, from which we develop services, solutions in ecosystems and alliances to develop together. This is also the global trend in the future!" This shows that InterLOG's investments always keep up with market trends and dare to try new things to create new value for future development, in line with the pioneering innovative spirit of Innovation that InterLOG has defined itself in its progressive development in the global supply chain.

In particular, regarding the ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) program for shareholders who are working at the company and eligible employees currently working at the company, it aims to attract and develop shareholder employees who understand the company's culture, core values and strategic orientation according to its vision and mission. From this, the company recognizes the contributions and commitment of staff to InterLOG's future development.

Another point in market expansion and service quality improvement activities is that WR1, a subsidiary of InterLOG, sought opinions and was approved by shareholders to expand into 2 service arms called WR1 Freight and WR1 Truck to specialize operations and provide increasingly high quality services to customers.

Faith in a Sustainable Future

InterLOG's Annual General Meeting of Shareholders is an important event to look back on the company's tremendous development journey each year. Through each event, InterLOG also aims to bring sustainable values to shareholders, customers, partners and employees. This has been InterLOG's mission that it has upheld throughout its nearly 20-year development journey. Because we believe that for a business to develop steadily and move confidently into the future, bringing real value and benefits to the community and members who have, are and will partner with us on this development path is a prerequisite. This has also been InterLOG's commitment since its early days of establishment.

We would like to thank shareholders for their active participation and commitment to continuing efforts to ensure sustainable development and shareholder interests. We remain confident that a future of sustainable development will contribute to InterLOG's success in the years to come.

The 2023 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders concluded successfully
Author: InterLOG
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