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[Truong Sa Island] InterLOG Continues to Support the "Greening Trường Sa" Program

InterLOG continues its support and sponsorship of 100 million from the #Run4Green 2023 walking fund in response to the Prime Minister's call to green the Trường Sa, reaffirming InterLOG's commitment to community development and homeland love.

The Truong Sa islands are an integral part of Vietnam's maritime sovereignty. With its pristine beauty and vast seas, Trường Sa has long been associated with the resilience, sacrifice, and indomitable spirit of Vietnamese naval soldiers. This is not only a sacred territory for maintaining national security and marine tourism, but also a symbol of love for the homeland, a steadfast determination to protect Vietnam's maritime sovereignty in the face of challenges at sea.

Phủ xanh Việt Nam
Soldiers are making great efforts to protect the Trường Sa archipelago. Source: Collected

In recent years, the Earth has been warming, with rising temperatures leading to rising sea levels. The increase in temperature causes glaciers, sea ice, and continental ice to melt, increasing the volume of water pouring into the seas and oceans. In addition, changes in climate conditions and rapidly increasing carbon emissions have seriously affected ecosystems, air quality, fuel, clean energy, food, and especially community health.

Thus, in the past years, the government has been concerned with greening the country, afforesting barren hills to protect the environment and save humanity. In response to the government's call for greening, InterLOG has partnered to implement the "Greening Trường Sa" program initiated by the Navy to enhance the green environment for the archipelago. With the spirit "The whole country for Trường Sa, Trường Sa for the Homeland," InterLOG has committed to the program from 2023-2025 with the aim of spreading the responsibility of preserving and developing our islands.

Xanh hóa trường sa
InterLOG commits to the "Greening Trường Sa" program 

Previously, InterLOG took practical steps to protect the environment by greening the city of Châu Đốc by planting 2,500 trees along the roads. Continuing the "For a Green Vietnam" initiative, InterLOG has decided to donate 20,000 trees (equivalent to 100 million VND) at the beginning of 2024 under the "Greening Trường Sa" program for 2023-2025. Naval soldiers will plant trees on the Trường Sa island – one of Vietnam's strong bulwarks and a strategically significant position for national defense and security. The trees are sourced from the #Run4green 2023 green fund, contributed by all InterLOG employees who actively walk/run daily, contributing kilometers to the fund, with each kilometer contributing 3,000 VND to the green fund.

InterLOG is proud to be a pioneer in providing green solutions for supply chains, aiming for sustainable development in the future. Together with InterLOG, we can achieve wonderful things for a strong Vietnam, build a green and clean living environment for our brave island soldiers, demonstrate community solidarity, and show gratitude for maritime security in the Hoàng Sa - Trường Sa sea region.

Author: InterLOG
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