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[People Development] Young generations of InterLOG innovate and regenerate the effective 24-hour personal supply chain

Young human resources are always a precious asset of every business. Training and developing them to become more excellent is the eternal equation of talent cultivation and development.

What do young employees need most in their work?

According to the sharing of InterLOG's leadership, most young employees fresh out of school will have a psychology of wanting to develop themselves, wanting to advance quickly, wanting to work in a professional or international environment, etc. and these are certainly rightful ambitious thoughts. However, the majority of them at work will have an "time schedule" that is unreasonable and unscientific, affecting the quality of work and personal spiritual life. For example, sleeping late, waking up late, work order not being optimized to complete on time, free time fund not being used thoroughly, etc. causing friends to always be in a 100% energy loss state.

Accordingly, Mr. Nguyen Duy Minh - Chairman of the Board of Directors cum General Director of InterLOG Company, emphasized the training orientation for young generations: "To become builders of an optimized supply chain for customers, young employees must thoroughly understand the current supply chain of themselves, departments and partners - if it has been optimized or not. To understand clearly, each person needs to map out their personal supply chain and determine the optimized percentage. From there, adjust and innovate ineffective activities in the supply chain. Of course, recreating and innovating a supply chain is not easy from the beginning as it changes people's behaviors and habits. But when young employees can do it, they have successfully positively transformed. Conquering their "old selves" is the greatest victory!"

"Springboard" on the path of innovating the Supply Chain

Starting from 2023, InterLOG will strongly focus on developing #PeopleDevelopment programs - one of the company's core values, considering it a top priority in developing and training young talents. Each training program will focus deeply on each specialized task, skills for handling situations, practical training courses, etc. to help each individual optimize work, manage time & energy, manage priority workload, and learn from experiences of "pioneering" generations. Through this, young talents will easily acquire and practice directly in their own personal supply chains.

The goal is to provide young employees with opportunities and tools to innovate their personal supply chains effectively from the beginning of their careers at InterLOG.

A training session on "24-Hour Personal Supply Chain"

Through the new talent cultivation and development roadmap, on September 25, 2023, InterLOG continued launching the "BUILDING AN OPTIMIZED 24H SUPPLY CHAIN ACCORDING TO THE ESG MODEL" training program in the form of each group making their own 3-minute video and presenting it in the most creative and concise way possible. The scoring method will be calculated based on the total number of likes for the most liked video that best conveys the meaning of an optimized supply chain according to the ESG model.

Mr. Nguyen Duy Minh, Chairman of the Board of Directors cum General Director of InterLOG shared "Successfully innovating one's own supply chain is the greatest victory of all."
The groups are in discussion and brainstorming scripts for the video on "Optimizing the 24-hour Personal Supply Chain"

One difference of this training is that trainees will have plenty of freedom to "creatively" present their group's video. From coming up with storyline ideas, masterplans, discovering new promising actors and directors... This not only helps trainees deeply understand the logistics industry through the practice of "Optimizing the 24h Personal Supply Chain", but also creates the #happy-happy spiritual value - one of InterLOG's core values, contributing to better connections between each department and a greener work spirit every day.

The training helped the participants effectively expand connections between departments

The results were surprisingly amazing, each group showed their unique color palette and personality through their "24h Personal Supply Chain" videos. Each group creatively presented their video in a very deserving way of full marks for quality, from team efforts to "Hollywood" level ideas.

Check out more outstanding "Hollywood"-esque works from InterLOG members: CLICK HERE TO VIEW

The ending message extracted from inside the shoe: "Let's cure laziness together with the Warehouse Team" - a video product from InterLOG's Warehouse Team.
A scene from a video introduction produced with meticulous investment from Team InterLOG Da Nang.
Video excerpts clearly explaining the Optimized Supply Chain based on the ESG model from InterLOG Ho Chi Minh City Team 2.Caption

Roll Call of the "Top Students" in the 2023 BASIC LOGISTICS KNOWLEDGE TRAINING PROGRAM

At the end of the training, the "top students" who achieved high scores in the knowledge - practice - building an optimized supply chain sections have emerged, and they will be the "talented generations" succeeding the "pioneers" in the near future.

InterLOG Hanoi office congratulates the winners who achieved excellent prizes in the 2023 BASIC LOGISTICS KNOWLEDGE TRAINING PROGRAM.
Ms. Le Thi Thu Thao (left) and Ms. Ho Thi Ngoc Han (right) from the Da Nang office achieved excellent prizes in the 2023 BASIC LOGISTICS KNOWLEDGE TRAINING PROGRAM.

The young talents have performed excellently and we are all very proud of them. Not only did they understand and apply the concept of "Optimized Supply Chain" well in practice, but they also demonstrated strong teamwork connections, problem-solving skills, brainstorming to develop ideas, etc.

These are the "compass" and wonderful packages of knowledge on the career breakthrough journey. Through hands-on activities and practical projects, the trainees have solidified their learning and shown their potential. Their collaborative spirit and innovative approaches will serve them well as they continue to develop their logistics careers at InterLOG.

In surprise and excitement upon hearing that their group won first prize in the creative video program for "Optimizing the 24h Personal Supply Chain", Ms. Ho Lam Kie Tran, group leader of Group 2 from the EIC - Imports & Exports Customs Clearance Department HCMC expressed her feelings:

"I was very surprised and happy when Group 2 won first prize in this competition. Our group participated in the spirit of learning and trying our best to find the most suitable and realistic supply chain to apply the ESG model to each member's personal work. In this competition, there were a total of 13 participating groups, all of whom performed very well and creatively. On behalf of the group, I would like to thank Mr. Minh, the organizing committee, mentors, group members and especially InterLOG for their enthusiastic support in the past time."

Group 2 takes a happy photo after being announced by the organizing committee as the winners of first prize in the creative video competition for optimizing the 24-hour personal supply chain.

Continuing the enthusiastic atmosphere of announcing awards for the outstanding "24h Optimized Personal Supply Chain" video, Ms. Dao Nguyen Nhat Vy - representative of Group 5 who won second prize, from the BD Ho Chi Minh City department shared:

"Since participating in InterLOG's basic logistics training course, I have gained more knowledge and important foundations in this field, as well as reliving my university student days of carrying books to school. In addition, to complete the group video assignment well on "Optimizing the 24h Personal Supply Chain", my group and I made every effort to develop the script and act our roles fully, ensuring the E-S-G elements. And the result was worthy of the effort our team put in, which also made me feel proud. Especially, after this activity, I now have my own optimized timeline, bringing more value to my life."

All members of Group 5 were excited to receive the award for their video in the competition on "Optimizing the 24h Personal Supply Chain"

Through this training program, we hope that the young talents will have a better understanding of the concept of "Optimized Supply Chain". We hope they continue to utilize the skills they have learned during the training, and confidently take steps forward to reach even greater heights with their own potential and capabilities.

Author: InterLOG
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