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[Run4Green] InterLOG continues its green coverage journey in Truong Sa under the program "For a Green Vietnam"

InterLOG donates 10,000 green trees, tools, and fertilizers to soldiers of 146th Brigade (Naval Zone 4) in Truong Sa archipelago. Supports government's "For a Green Vietnam" program.

In response to this call, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Dien Bien Phu Victory, as well as the 100th anniversary of the construction and development of Nha Trang City and in celebration of World Oceans Day (June 8th) and Vietnam's Week of Seas and Islands, which serves as an opportunity for Vietnam to affirm its potential and determination for the sustainable development of marine economic sectors, the protection of environmental resources, and national sovereignty at sea, InterLOG International Freight Forwarding Joint Stock Company has decided to donate 10,000 protective green trees (equivalent to 100 million VND) along with tools, equipment, and fertilizers for nurturing the planted trees to the 146th Brigade (Naval Zone 4) stationed in the Truong Sa archipelago. This location holds significant strategic importance in defense and economic aspects, being the forefront of the nation. Therefore, it is necessary to protect, preserve, and develop the Truong Sa archipelago to make it increasingly prosperous and firmly assert Vietnam's sovereignty over the Truong Sa archipelago.

The event of donating 10,000 green trees to the 146th Brigade (Naval Zone 4) took place on June 8th, with the participation of the company's leadership, all InterLOG staff, and the naval soldiers of the 146th Brigade. The quantity of green trees is the result of the Run4Green - Run4ESG competition in which InterLOG members participated in 2023.

InterLOG's donation includes 10,000 trees that are being given to the 146th Brigade (Naval Region 4) stationed in Truong Sa. 

During the donation ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Duy Minh, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of InterLOG, stated, "The Run4Green - Run4ESG Green Fund was initiated in 2022 and has already donated 2,500 green trees in Chau Doc, An Giang in 2023. This year, InterLOG aims to 'Greenify Truong Sa' by donating 10,000 green trees (equivalent to 100 million VND) with the goal of contributing to the greening of Truong Sa, jointly restoring the natural environment, increasing the density of green tree cover, and mitigating the harsh climatic conditions affecting the activities of the navy and island residents. Additionally, this effort aims to create a green living space, enhance spiritual well-being, and provide a sense of security for the officers, soldiers, and people on the islands, ensuring the protection of sovereignty and stability at the forefront."

Mr. Nguyen Duy Minh, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of InterLOG, delivered a speech at the tree donation ceremony for the 146th Brigade.

Expressing deep gratitude, Brigadier General Pham Van Tho, the Political Commissar of the 146th Brigade, sincerely thanked the collective efforts of InterLOG and WR1. He stated, "We are deeply grateful and would like to express our sincere thanks to the InterLOG team. These green trees are not just simple gifts but, along with the resources of the 'Greenify Truong Sa' program, they contribute to the construction of a greener, more beautiful, and stronger Truong Sa. Planting trees in Truong Sa not only creates an environmental landscape and shade but also helps regulate the climate, improve soil quality, provide wind and storm protection, and enhance the living environment for the military and residents of Truong Sa district. We hope that this program by InterLOG will continue to spread widely to other businesses and organizations, making Truong Sa greener, closer to the mainland, and more resilient at the forefront."

The representative of the 146th Brigade expressed gratitude and appreciation to the entire InterLOG company for their contribution

The InterLOG representative mentioned that in 2023, nearly 200 members, including the company's leadership and employees, actively participated in the program. For each kilometer walked or run, a contribution of 3,000 VND was made to the Green Fund. After 24 days of relentless effort, the program recorded a total of 33,032 kilometers (equivalent to 100 million VND), which is nearly 5/6 of the Earth's circumference. The entire amount was contributed to the Green Fund, carrying significant meaning and impact.

The InterLOG team is actively walking to contribute to the Green Fund

Continuing the journey of greening, InterLOG has decided to choose Truong Sa as the next destination for this meaningful initiative. With the amount of 100 million VND, InterLOG has converted it into 10,000 saplings of protective trees, along with soil and organic fertilizers, to support the residents and officers on the Truong Sa archipelago.

During the donation ceremony, InterLOG honored individuals who achieved outstanding and remarkable results in the Run4Green - Run4ESG 2023 program. These results demonstrate the relentless effort and unwavering determination of the InterLOG warriors, who are committed to giving their utmost contribution to the noble cause of environmental preservation.

The members with the most outstanding achievements in the Run4Green - Run4ESG 2023 competition were recognized for their remarkable performances

Through the program, InterLOG will also continue to engage with other businesses to spread the spirit of "For a Greener Vietnam" and join hands in protecting the natural environment and greening Vietnam. Run4Green - Run4ESG is an annual program organized by InterLOG, where participants walk or run to convert their kilometers into the number of trees planted, aiming to promote the health of employees and support the Green Fund of Vietnam. This program reflects the beautiful corporate culture of InterLOG, which always creates connecting platforms and cares about the well-being of its employees and the environment.

The InterLOG members are currently transporting the donated saplings to contribute to Truong Sa

The tree donation activity is also part of the sustainable ESG development model that InterLOG is pursuing, specifically aligned with the "E - Environment" cluster. InterLOG aims to become a pioneering logistics company in implementing community activities and working together with localities to green various areas, thereby contributing to sustainable development.

The InterLOG team expresses their gratitude and appreciation towards the 64 soldiers who sacrificed their lives at Gac Ma to protect the homeland

This year, InterLOG continues to launch the Run4Green - Run4ESG 2024 program to contribute to the InterLOG Green Fund. The company representative also mentioned that the program will be expanded to other provinces and cities in the coming years, strongly responding to the government's campaign of planting 1 billion trees for a greener Vietnam. Additionally, InterLOG will connect with other businesses to join hands in greening Vietnam and contribute to the development of a stronger homeland.

Author: InterLOG
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