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[RUN4GREEN] InterLOG participates in the Saigon Port community walking race: Every step with compassion

To commemorate International Women's Day and welcome Youth Month, the Labor Union and Youth Union of Saigon Port launched the "Every Step with Compassion" community walking race to promote a spirit of enthusiastic and productive work to start the year.

The event "Saigon Port - Every step with compassion" was a testament to the collective spirit of over 130 employees of Saigon Port JSC and members within the Saigon Port ecosystem. In a show of unity and shared purpose, they participated in the walking and running race organized by the Labor Union in collaboration with the Youth Union. InterLOG members, embodying the same spirit, were also present very early and prepared to kick off this exciting community running event.

InterLOG members were all excited in preparation for the Saigon Port community running race - Every step with compassion.

The route went from the office of Saigon Port Stevedoring and Port Services Joint Stock Company (Old Tan Thuan Port Office 2) along the river bank road, passing VNGGames Company to the Creative Junction, then back to the starting point. This is an opportunity for staff and subordinated units in the Saigon Port ecosystem to connect and build a solid collective, contributing to a lively, happy, and joyful atmosphere.

Representing InterLOG company, Mr. Nguyen Duy Minh - General Director of InterLOG, made a significant contribution to the support fund for Thien Duyen Orphan Care Center - Cu Chi. This act of generosity, part of the program "Standing side by side with Vietnamese families" of HCM City People's Radio Station, will bring joy to poor children in the northern mountainous provinces. It's a testament to our belief that giving means giving forever!

Representing InterLOG, Mr. Nguyen Duy Minh, General Director of InterLOG, contributed to the fund to support poor and orphaned children.

Specifically, HCM City is one of the places with the most muscular walking/running movement in Vietnam. This is also an opportunity to connect running communities nationwide & worldwide while promoting the values of physical and mental well-being to everyone, every household, and every region.

Moreover, running physical activities in the city's natural environment helps stimulate happy hormones like #Dopamine - from accomplishing goals, #Oxytocin - from participating in community activities, and #Serotonin - from walking in nature. Physical exercise in nature improves physical health and boosts mental wellness.

Read more about the Happiness Journey HERE

InterLOG members completed the route in the "Saigon Port - Every step with compassion" event.

At this "Saigon Port - Every step with compassion" event, InterLOG, with the slogan #Run4Green "For the green spirit - Strong will," participated with a long-term goal. We aim to create real value and promote a healthier lifestyle for the community and society. This is a step towards a future where we take action for the community and logistics businesses across the country, paving the way further in our journey to build a sustainable and happy green supply chain. Our efforts contribute to the sustainable development of the whole society, of a strong Vietnam.

Author: InterLOG
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