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Vietnamese New Year Festival InterLOG: Celebrate the Tiger Spring Festival of 2022

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To get immersed in the bustling atmosphere of seeing off the past year as well as welcome the new year with the Tiger Spring Festival of 2022, InterLOG and WR1 members have reunited again, spending time together to look back on the past journey and get ready to take off for the long haul in 2022.

Vietnamese New Year Festival InterLOG 2022: Let's look back at the achievements and honor the collectives and individuals that have contributed to the activities of the past 1 year

2021 ends - a year with countless rough seas, hardships and worries, the year-end closing night is the time when we look back on this extraordinary road. Thanks to the enthusiasm and tireless efforts of all members, they have overcome together to achieve proud achievements: completing business goals with a revenue of more than 42% compared to 2020, developing... develop more services and solutions to meet the rapidly changing needs of customers.

The party took place with the participation of the Board of Directors, all InterLOG staff connecting the bridgeheads from the North to the South from Saigon, Da Nang, Hai Phong to Hanoi and Japan, with special guests. . At the beginning, Mr. Nguyen Duy Minh - Director of the company had a few words to say about the past year with the efforts of the members of the company. Accordingly, the Board of Directors and staff receive new instructions from the "Big Boss" to get ready for the upcoming voyage of 2022, with the theme #Break Your Box promising to be the explosions of each individual. as well as the InterLOG collective.

The Board of Directors of InterLOG company raised a glass to congratulate the achievements of 2021 with their members.

There are some key goals and efforts of InterLog that need accomplishing in 2022:

  • The first goal is to follow the sustainable model ESG to pursue the ​​development of the company.
  • The next goal is to reach 500 billion VND in revenue.
  • Lastly, focus on investing and developing the Warehousing & Distribution Services segment with a new business model.

The party night is also a time to honor the members and collectives who have highly devoted themselves to InterLOG after an extraordinary year so that today all are shining and recognized. Thanks to the guidance from the Board of Directors, Heads of Department, and Team Leaders, and the constant efforts of each individual to collect the "trophies" for individuals and groups. This year, ILOG has had 9 promising individuals, 46 advanced members, 27 excellent members, and 2 breakthrough individuals, particularly are Ms. Nguyen Thi Tinh (BD. Hanoi) and Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy Loan (P. Transport Alliance), and 1 Outstanding Person of the Year: Mr. Le Thanh Ton (BD-HCM). The Collective Prize alone has up to 8 Excellent Teams and 1 Excellent Team, which is WRS Room - Hai Phong.

Mr. Le Thanh Ton, who is from the HCM Department of Management, has maintained his 6-year performance with Personal Excellence, shared “I feel happy when every year the efforts of myself and the BD teams can contribute to the overall achievement of the company so that the company grows stronger. The more the company grows, the more proud I am to introduce the company's services and products to more customers & partners."

Mr. Le Thanh Ton, from the Department of BD Ho Chi Minh City, shared his feelings when maintaining excellent achievements for 6 consecutive years.

The honor night also looked back on the 10-year journey of the Warehouse and BD - CUS Department. The story from zero and the efforts of the pioneers to shine today, and contemporaneously, the fire of enthusiasm that they want to convey and pass on to the younger generations to take the next step. In joy and happiness, the singing is the "sweet tears" because of emotions.

The party night is also a time to honor individuals and groups that have contributed to InterLOG in the past 1 year.

The party night is the time when the members sing together and sway in the music to express the joy of ending the old year and welcoming the new year. When ILOG & WR1 members perform joyful songs, it is also a time when everyone is more connected and empathetic.


Finally, thank you to all ILOG & WR1 members who attended the year-end party, and I wish everyone a happy, healthy, and happy new year with family and friends

Author: InterLOG
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