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Year End Party 2023: #INNOVATION4HAPPY - Colors of Happiness for 2024

InterLOG team has always been united and spread the spirit of #Innovation4Happy at the 2023 Year End Party, welcoming 2024 with the colors of happiness, songs of love for life, and moments of passionate burning.

Blending into the festive atmosphere welcoming the new year 2024, the "Year End Party 2023 - Innovation4Happy" event was officially held on January 27th, 2024, in a solemn and cozy space, soaring with each dynamic, bonding moment and concluding with countless emotions and warmth.

1. Looking back at the eventful but effortful journey of 2023

Understanding responsibilities and responding to the country's call, InterLOG & its subsidiary WR1 clearly defined the action goals for 2023: Innovation4Green, transforming green together in the Net Zero journey. Accordingly, InterLOG & WR1 raised environmental protection awareness for the team & community and, step by step, built a green, spiritual environment for each member through notable activities closely linked to the 3 pillars of sustainable development: E, S, G in 2023.

1.1. E Factor – Environment

Closely linked to the spirit of protecting the green environment last year, the "Run4Green for a Green Vietnam" campaign attracted many InterLOG & WR1 members from the North, Central, and South. Previously, InterLOG & WR1 contributed 19,505km, helping reduce 20kg of CO2 emissions through walking activities in 2022. In 2023, InterLOG & WR1 contributed 33,619km, equivalent to reducing 34kg of CO2 released into the environment.

Also, through the Run4Green campaign, InterLOG & WR1 raised funds for green trees. Specifically, in 2023, InterLOG & WR1 donated 2,500 trees in An Giang - Chau Doc City and signed an agreement to donate 20,000 trees 2024 to Truong Sa Islands from the accumulated km of the Run4Green program in 2023.

1.2. S Factor - Social

1.2.1 InterLOG staff and employees

Through the world cultural exchange program, as many as 46.2% of InterLOG & WR1 members rated this as an activity bringing the #Happy-Happy spirit; 20.5% shared activities related to the #Insight value - to help them better understand the culture of international customers and partners; 17.9% felt the #Innovation spirit - innovation and creativity in intelligence and a behavioral culture, 14.1% thought the program helped them with #People-Development - self-development, and 1.3% thought of the #Do-Small-Carefully value - helping them be aware of carefully and meticulously researched information. Through this, the program not only positively impacted all InterLOG & WR1 members but also formed a distinctive and sustainable corporate culture.

Since 2023, InterLOG has focused on developing talents for young generations, including Training in basic logistics knowledge, professional operations, risk management, lessons on "rebuilding personal supply chains" for self-development, programs on "Remembering our ancestors," visiting historic and heroic sites of our nation, the "Opening up the Southern Realm" program, etc. have brought the total training hours to over 1037 hours. Each program helps young people "liberate" their latent abilities and easily acquire and apply them in real work.

1.2.2 community and society

In 2023, InterLOG continued its efforts to contribute to the community, demonstrating corporate social responsibility through volunteer programs on environmental protection and building a "greener" and brighter Vietnam:

  • InterLOG joined hands with VLA Race - Greening Trường Sa Islands, aiming to protect the marine environment of Vietnam's islands.
  • InterLOG was honored to donate 2,500 green trees in Châu Đốc City, An Giang Province.
InterLOG is honored to present 2,500 trees to Chau Doc city, An Giang province.

InterLOG collaborated with relevant authorities and organizations for the logistics and manufacturing industry community to hold support events for domestic enterprises. Specifically:

InterLOG collaborated with the Vietnam Industry Support Alliance (VISA) to organize specialized seminars on Green Transformation and Customs Settlement Report, combining with the Building Journal in the event of the Greenhouse Gas Inventory in Hanoi in December 2023. Notably, these events received much attention from government agencies and television, supporting enterprises in the process of green transformation & risk management in the shared manufacturing supply chain community.

InterLOG collaborated with VISA and the Department of Industry and Trade to organize the "Green Transformation - A Sustainable Development Trend for Businesses" seminar in October 2023 in Da Nang City.

InterLOG actively researched and contributed surveys to the Vietnam Logistics Competitiveness Index (LCI) project at the provincial level in 2022, coordinated by VLA, VLI, and research units VCCI and Dream Incubator (DI).

InterLOG participated in the VILOG 2023 international logistics exhibition - the first time organized in Vietnam, attracting over 500 enterprises, connecting trade to logistics enterprises in and out of the country, opening up many new cooperation opportunities, and strengthening cross-border connectivity.

InterLOG connected with VLA and relevant units and departments at the VILOG 2023 event.

1.3 G Factor - Governance

With the spirit of "Innovation4Green" in 2023, along with the vision of becoming a creator of global Logistics and Supply Chain solutions, InterLOG business units continued to focus on the BD by Team strategy in collaboration with the VISA Alliance, research and propose pillars and solutions in the Green Transformation model to support transport, logistics enterprises, and export manufacturing units, including:

  • Reused container, barge, Tiên Sơn ICD, and milk-run solutions to help enterprises optimize costs, reduce environmental carbon emissions, and get closer to demanding markets like the EU, US, and Japan...
  • Risk management solutions in customs settlement reports continue to be widely and extensively implemented in each key industrial area nationwide, such as Hà Nam, Long An, Đồng Nai provinces, and other cities and provinces.
  • InterLOG proudly received the Top 4.0 Enterprise of Vietnam 2023 award, digitizing processes and operations.
InterLOG accompanied VISA in training Customs Final Settlement Reports in key cities and provinces.

In 2023, the event of InterLOG & WR1 inaugurating the ESG office in Da Nang marked a significant turning point, opening up new business development opportunities in the Central region. Especially with InterLOG further expanding into the Handicraft segment, adding the FBA service - an "inventory storage and order fulfillment" service for sellers on Amazon.

2.   Creating a journey of happiness in 2024

2.1 The power of positive thinking in the supply chain

In a complex "multi-polar" VUCA world with constant intertwined changes, including economics, politics and society. These challenges pose unpredictable aspects, making us often uncertain about what will happen, even vagueness.

That's why InterLOG, with its mission of continuous innovation and creating sustainable supply chain solutions, determined the theme of action "Innovation4Happy" in 2024. It is a year when we need to spread the spirit of optimism and happiness together, activate thinking, promote innovation, and find new solutions to overcome challenges ahead.

Accordingly, Mr. Nguyen Duy Minh, Chairman of the BOD and CEO of InterLOG, emphasized at the Year End Party 2023 event: "To overcome challenges in the new context, spiritual resilience and optimism are still the most sustainable factors. This has been researched and accumulated in InterLOG & WR1's corporate culture over many years. Therefore, the message "Innovation4Happy" was chosen as the goal for 2024, promoting the spiritual power of the community to spread the #Happy-Happy value internally and to the outside world. Let's connect the spirit of "If you dream, DREAM BIG!" dream big together, and take action together to make dreams come true."

Mr. Nguyen Duy Minh, Chairman of the Board of Directors cum General Director of InterLOG, delivered a speech at the 2023 Year End Party.

2.2 Professionalism, Innovation, and Happiness

Within the warm atmosphere of the New Year's Eve party, the InterLOG collective reviewed the year 2023 and commended outstanding Staff and Representative Collectives. This was an opportunity for us to look back on the achievements achieved in 2023 and reorient development goals for 2024 through heartfelt sharing from the Leadership.

The opening song "Dreamers" was performed by Mr. Nguyen Duy Minh - Chairman cum General Director and members of InterLOG aiming for happiness in 2024.

Along with that, to further enliven the atmosphere of the Sing4Happy music final night, the 5 teams that advanced to the final rounds had been diligently practicing, dedicating time to contribute enormously unique performances at the YEP party night.

Performance "Gieo quẻ" - Team WR1 HCM & Transportation
Performance "Vào đời" (Entering life) - Team CUS & Procurement
Performance "Chí Phèo" - Team BD HCM & BD OS
Performance "Chiều lên bản thượng" - Team QA-DT & Accounting
Performance "Tết ổn mà, sao phải hốt" - EIC HCM TeamCaption

Through this, each individual is a breakthrough factor that creates the strength of a powerful collective. And in order to establish a collective that is always strong and prosperous, it is through the concerted efforts and hard work of each individual with the spirit of "PROFESSIONALISM - INNOVATION - HAPPINESS" in line with InterLOG's spirit over the years.

Join InterLOG to activate happiness from 4 hormonesCaption

See more of the #Innovation4Happy journey HERE.

3. If you dream, DREAM BIG!

Moving together with the "pulse" of the logistics market in 2024, InterLOG will continue to focus on improving the capacity to provide logistics services and solutions for partners and customers; continue to complete the development goals being implemented in 2023 such as: Business Development, Management, Talent Training and Development, Corporate Culture Building, etc. Especially setting goals and plans that are in line with the "general trend" of the market towards a greener and happier Logistics market.

Join InterLOG in spreading the #Happy-Happy spirit to the community and the world.

Along with that, we - the builders of a sustainable supply chain, wish that every InterLOG member, customer and partner can connect with the #Happy-Happy spirit, join together and work towards the goal of sustainable development in the present and future!

The entire InterLOG team activates happiness together in welcoming the year 2024 with many new breakthrough opportunities.

InterLOG would like to sincerely wish all customers, partners, and staff a very happy, prosperous and successful new year 2024!

Author: InterLOG
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