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Applying Module 5 pilot program - Order picking and handling

Inside InterLOG/Warehouse/ Fulfillment Center

Mr. Le Hoang Anh (left) - InterLOG warehouse manager shares the content of MD 05 knowledge through visual work with students who have practical experience at the warehouse

The orientation of assisting students to improve their knowledge and professional skills in the module “Order picking - Handling” (MD code 05) of the training content of the Aus4skill which is close to the business reality and suitable for an employee working at the warehouse as well as the opportunity to develop warehouse personnel later. Currently, InterLOG and Transportation HCM College have collaborated to implement a module 05 pilot project combining theory with analysis, and experience at the InterLOG warehouse.

In this training program, InterLOG continuously accompanies the College by providing documentation on the actual processing, and forms, so that the School can register for the syllabus and clear up queries to students understand and be aware of potentially risky probably happened in the working environment. Moreover, the students joining the experience program can learn how to forecast expenses incurred due to errors in order preparation and handling to ensure service quality.

InterLOG representatives shared theoretical content and answered questions about MD 05

The students would be fully taught about MD05 in 60 hours through 3 main chapters: Identity processes, policies, and procedures in the workplace related to picking for order; Picking, handling, and distributing orders; Recording inventory levels, final testing, and evaluating.

The project has completed the general goal of module 05, helping students to enhance their knowledge, skills, self-control, and responsibilities when picking and handling orders. Furthermore, this project aims to InterLOG’s target is strengthening social networks, connecting with the community, and accompanying logistics school/vocational training institutions to develop official personnel - from quality to quantity, to recognize clearly professional – from theory to practice.

Mr. Loc Phat working with customers at InterLOG warehouse

Sharing about this goal, Mr. Le Hoang Anh - Warehouse Manager claimed that Mr. Loc Phat, who is currently an employee working at the warehouse, is an alumnus of the first course of Aus4skill. The training course you participate in also has a practical visit at the company, as a chance, Phat and InterLOG have "chosen" each other to develop together.

Some pictures of activities at the InterLOG warehouse.

In particular, during the visit to the warehouse, the students also had the opportunity to learn about other services that InterLOG provides to the logistics market. This is the door for students to access complete knowledge about logistics and have more opportunities to hone and perfect their language skills and specialized knowledge when they have the opportunity to participate in the next module training programs or choose InterLOG as the partner.

Representative of InterLOG and Student Union of Transportation Ho Chi Minh College
took a commemorative photo at the warehouse.

At the end of the field trip, the school and the students thanked the company, especially the Management Board and warehouse staff for their enthusiastic support and participation since the project started transport Ho Chi Minh College also expressed its hope that InterLOG will continue to connect and accompany the school in other modular pilot training courses, or any other program suitable for the company in the field of logistics.

Author: InterLOG
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