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Increasing reuse of empty containers

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The Covid19 pandemic, high gasoline prices, military war in Ukraine... these continuous difficulties have caused a great deal of damage to the global market, in which, logistics is one of the markets most affected leading to an increase in the lack of empty containers. Therefore, to solve this situation, the solution for businesses is to increase the reuse of empty containers.

Mr. Nguyen Duy Minh - President of the Board of Directors cum General Director of InterLOG
- General Secretary of VLA (right cover) at the conference.

Recently, the webinar program "The Importance of Reusing Empty Containers" organized by the Vietnam Logistics Business Association (VLA), has re-evaluated the current situation of empty containers - using empty containers.

In particular, it is emphasizing the importance of the reuse of empty containers and solutions for practical use because this directly impacts shipping companies, shipping lines, and import-export businesses, owners who aim to optimize costs - improving profits today.

According to the survey, businesses now often reuse containers through traditional methods such as owners, and transport companies that connect, contact and ask for permission from shipping lines.

Reusing empty container shells makes sense, while in a volatile market, gasoline prices are still high, businesses can cut production costs and maximize profits. Proof of this is that in some countries such as Singapore and Thailand, this model is being deployed and developed, achieving impressive results. As in Thailand, according to the June 2022 report, every month, customers exchange and reuse more than 900 containers.

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However, the reuse model of cont shells in Vietnam has not been applied much, so this also has many shortcomings. Participating in the seminar as the General Secretary of the Vietnam Logistics Association (VLA), Mr. Nguyen Duy Minh - Chairman of the Board of Directors cum General Director of InterLOG said: Container reuse and exchange activities Empty are relatively new in Vietnam, not many businesses participate due to few sources of information, unique challenges, lack of inspection, repair of empty containers before delivery to the owner of the goods; shipping flow changes... If the container is not checked carefully, it will lead to the possibility of problems such as abrasion, exposed teeth, increased possibility of rainwater, and seawater intrusion to damage the goods.

Therefore, according to Mr. Minh, owners, InterLOG, and transport units, when accepting the reuse of empty containers, must be aware of risk management, and check for defects and potentials of containers. Connecting platforms and shipping lines need receipts and delivery records of depots with shippers.

Accordingly, the Vietnam Maritime Administration also needs to pay attention to legal research and management of the status of depots to know what the current state of empty shells is like, and how unbalanced, at the same time pay attention to the legal aspects and ensure the interests of the parties involved. The market also needs more technology platforms to systematically improve the reuse of containers. Thereby providing a clearer source of information about empty containers today to connect owners and shipping lines in the most effective reuse of empty containers.

Author: InterLOG
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