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Instructions on looking uo the HS code - documents in import and export procedures

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To convey knowledge, practical experience, and detailed instructions on how to look up HS Code (HS Code) - documents in import and export procedures for InterLOG staff.

InterLOG training
Mr. Phan Hai Trieu - Deputy Customs Department of InterLOG shared his knowledge of goods classification rules with employees.

The main goal of the training session is to improve the working capacity of business development staff (BD), and customer service staff (CUS) to understand the definition of goods classification rules - lookup HS code, providing basic knowledge to work with partner customers.

On September 10, 2022, InterLOG held a weekly training session (on Mondays) with the topic "Instructions on looking up HS codes - Documents in import and export procedures" with the participation of nearly 200 employees.

HS Code Training
Ms. Phan Thi Dam - Import-Export Document Specialist introduced an overview of the history and development of the HS Code

At the training session, the "internal lecturers" of InterLOG shared with the trainees the main contents including the General introduction, HS Code and rules of goods classification; Understanding HS Code, the structure of HS Code; Rules for classification of goods; Examples of the process of performing code lookup - documents in actual import and export procedures.

Staff of InterLOG
Representatives of the program organizers gave gifts to the "students" who correctly answered the questions after the training session ended.

The program is one of the events in InterLOG's series of training events on the topic of Customs, and the topic "Guide on how to look up HS codes - Documentation in import and export procedures" is the topic "declared" first, promoting the collective spirit, connecting members through a useful work - Social Networking, promoting the capacity of members - People Development. Thereby, the program contributes to building and completing the message "Bread Your Box" - Breaking all limits & Unlocking your inner power that InterLOG sets out for 2022 through each training session.

HS code training
Overview of the training session.

After the training session, the trainees thanked the organizers of the program for sharing useful knowledge, exploring knowledge, gradually shaping basic awareness to meet customer consultation, and optimizing work for the manufacturing department.

In the near future, InterLOG aims to continue building these topics with more advanced and specialized content so that employees have the background knowledge to best meet the job requirements.

Author: InterLOG
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