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InterLOG aims to provide Fulfillment Center service, contributing to the development of logistics for e-commerce

InterLOG/E-commerce/ Fulfillment Center

Along with the development of technology, constantly changing consumer needs and the consequences after the Covid-19 pandemic... are the core factors driving the boom in the e-commerce market, creating a Great opportunity for the development of logistics for logistics activities.


In parallel with many other businesses following the flow of the market and to "catch up" with the above trend, InterLOG has focused on investing heavily in the stages of warehousing, forwarding, and forwarding, and at the same time actively applying technology in transportation to increase operational capacity as well as freight delivery efficiency. Step by step, improve logistics services, especially invest in developing a Fulfillment Center warehouse to complete orders, contributing to raising the level of Vietnamese logistics services to meet the needs of e-commerce in the direction of internationalization.


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