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InterLOG: Contributing to expanding Vietnam's logistics market share in the international market


Recently, InterLOG participated in the Uconnect Worldwide Network (UCN) 2022 event in Phuket, Thailand, promoting the InterLOG brand and contributing to expanding Vietnam's logistics market share in the international market, especially in the NVOCC community and freight forwarding units. UCN 2022 (October 3 - October 5, 2022) is an annual event organized by UCN to connect NVOCC and freight forwarders, creating micro-networks that benefit business development and delivering innovative media and solutions through a globally recognized and trusted network of connections.

UCN 2022
Mr. Nguyen Xuan Thanh - Director of Customer service / Freight procurement / Overseas business (right cover) and InterLOG members meet, discuss and advise partners at UCN 2022.     

At the UCN 2022 Conference, InterLOG met and interacted with potential partner agents - members of the UCN network to introduce Vietnam's logistics market - a network of logistics companies, including InterLOG, which is a network of logistics companies, one of the prestigious "freight forwarders" in Vietnam, especially in the field of international transportation services with more than 85% of customers being FDI corporations and factories.

Following that, InterLOG also introduced InterLOG's initiatives and development strategies from activities connected with the VISA Alliance (Vietnam Industry Support Alliance) on:

  • The solution to transforming the purchasing supply chain in Vietnam connecting leading enterprises - between the Lead firm with Vietnamese Supporting Industries Suppliers through the MATCH4GROWTH program.
  • Consulting solutions to optimize logistics activities and manage risks of leading enterprises in the Lead firms, providing specific solutions to promote the connection of trade activities, especially in the industry supporting industries in Vietnam, contributing to shifting the supply chain, increasing the localization rate to serve the Vietnamese industry community through the TRAIN4GROWTH program.
  • Especially it affirms InterLOG's "internal strength" with agents, customers, and partners by "contributing" to establishing the first Air Cargo in Vietnam as one of the 05 founding shareholders of Joint Stock Company Asean Cargo Gateway (ACG) when ACG and Vietravel Airlines launched the first Air Cargo in Vietnam (September 8, 2022).
UCN 2022
InterLOG representative consults partners at the meeting on October 4     

As a member and regular participant in all annual meetings of UCN - a prestigious organization that brings together NVOCCs and globally recognized freight forwarders, namely UCN 2022 - InterLOG believes that it has been and will be capable of providing a variety of logistics services, comprehensive supply chain solutions for customers, partners and agents in any cooperation relationship in the future.

UCN 2022 - InterLOG
The image of InterLOG attending UCN 2021 was reintroduced at UCN 2022

During the agenda, InterLOG has continuously interacted with new potential agents to promote the InterLOG brand more widely to UCN members, particularly the logistics community - NVOCC globally. Thus, InterLOG has gained more experience and demonstrated responsibility for the world logistics community in general and the Vietnamese logistics community in particular, as well as strengthening social connections through the UCN organization towards sustainable development.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the InterLOG representative had a visit and worked with agents, customers, and partners in Bangkok, Thailand (September 27 - October 1), receiving feedback to help improve, develop and provide higher quality services to ensure a complete, fast, accurate and cost-effective process when delivering goods for all contracts/services - any solution that InterLOG supply in the market and Thailand in particular. From here, continue the mission of becoming a 4PL enterprise, step by step improve the element of corporate governance, strengthen the connection network... based on ESG and choose sustainable development as the foundation at InterLOG./.


Author: InterLOG
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