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InterLOG Cooperates With VISA Alliance To Organization Webinar “Bill Of Materials In The Customs Finalization Reports – Risk Identification And Processing Solution"

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With the desire to create value and support solutions for enterprises, International Logistics Corporation Company (INTERLOG) in collaboration with VISA Alliance and Partners organized an intensive seminar on the topic "Standards in the customs settlement report - Risk assessment and handling solutions." The conference took place in the form of a webinar on the zoom platform with the participation and in-depth advice from representatives of State agencies (AED, CSID, USAID, Link SME), InterLOG, VISA Alliance, associations, members in the logistics ecosystem, and supply chain in Vietnam.

The Webinar aims to help businesses clarify and avoid risks in the process of norm-setting, especially in the current peak period, when companies are preparing for the customs finalization report in 2021.

From a practical story: manufacturing enterprises import raw materials into warehouses and export them to serve many different purposes such as trading, processing, exporting. It is necessary to use the right materials according to the target for each type. However, the import-export department of enterprises often ignores the classification on paper and in the process of importing and exporting materials. When making the final settlement report to the customs office, the person in charge does not know how to dissect and classify accordingly. Undoubtedly, by profession, Customs will use software to calculate tax on each type. However, this may not be entirely as accurate as of the business' self-categorization in the first place. Therefore, when Customs imposes a tax, enterprises may suffer losses in the amount of tax payable/norm of materials for processing, production for export, duty-free, or subject to tax.

Based on this situation, the representative of the Customs authority and senior experts on the final settlement report will focus on providing detailed instructions to the enforcement level in the specialized department of the enterprise (specifically, the Import-Export Department). Importers) are well aware of the potential risks of not grading raw materials in the first place. Thereby, the experts will guide how to properly classify the norms of raw materials to avoid unnecessary errors in the process of developing the norms of the Customs Finalization Report as well as point out common mistakes, share some solutions based on experience to handle problems and problems related to this work.


+ The experts are working in the import-export industry, or the import-export department of enterprises, especially manufacturing enterprises, factories in industrial zones.

+ Managers who directly operate import-export activities, supply chain management for businesses

+ Business leaders are interested to identify potential risks and plan for coordination among related departments in the process of implementing the Customs Finalization Report.

The webinar is also an opportunity for businesses to share difficulties in setting standards of bill materials, as well as receive in-depth advice from leading reputable experts in this field:

  • Mr. Nguyen Duc Vinh: Master, Deputy Director of Bien Hoa Customs Department, with more than 20 years of experience in the Tax & Customs field.
  • Mr. Pham Thanh Nam - Director of Minh Chau Import-Export Solutions Co., Ltd., a leading expert in consulting on customs settlement reports, has participated in consulting and training for many organizations/enterprises.
  • Mr. Phan Hai Trieu - Customs procedure consultant of InterLOG International Logistics Joint Stock Company with 20 years of practical experience in the import and export field.

The online conference will be held at 2pm on March 16, 2022, on the Zoom platform.

To join in the free webinar, please register at:

Author: InterLOG
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