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InterLOG is honored to have contributed to the establishment of the first Air Cargo in Vietnam

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On September 8, 2022, Vietravel Airlines and Asean Cargo Gateway (ACG) - a company specializing in air freight co-investment by InterLOG signed a cooperation agreement on the investment and development of air cargo services - VUAir Cargo (corresponding capital contribution rate 51% - 49%). Thereby, they aim to diversify products and complete the ecosystem. Moreover, investors want to promote cargo business, exploit air freight, and act as cargo agencies for airlines in the region.

As one of the five founding shareholders of Asean Cargo Gateway Joint Stock Company (ACG), InterLOG is proud to "contribute" together with ACG and Vietravel Airlines to establish the first Air Cargo in Vietnam. 

Mr. Nguyen Duy Minh - Chairman and General Director of InterLOG (second from right)

at the announcement ceremony of VUAir Cargo.

According to Mr. Vu Duc Bien, President & CEO of Vietravel Airlines “The aviation cargo market still has a lot of potential and has not been fully exploited. The supply chain is broken while the commodity market in Vietnam, China, countries in Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, Europe, and the Americas is considered to be the fastest growing region with the highest annual GDP in the world and the highest proportion of the working-age population in the world. Hence, production bases will gradually move to this area next to the world's largest factory China”. 

Through the assessment, Vietnam is considered a bright and potential candidate for the production shift. This will be an opportunity for the logistics industry in general and air freight, in particular, to take off in the near future. For that reason, this is the right time to build and promote the first Air Cargo segment in Vietnam, combining ACG's experience in logistics and Vietravel Airlines' air transportation". 

MOU signing ceremony between Vietravel Airlines and Asean Cargo Gateway.

ACG representative said: "Intending to meet and promote the domestic and international logistics industry, especially with great potential markets, means bringing firms in Vietnam closer to the global market. Besides, the signing of the cooperation agreement with Vietravel Airlines is a memorable milestone, bringing the dream of becoming Cargo Airlines in Vietnam soon come true”.  

 InterLOG is currently a company specializing in providing logistics services and consulting comprehensive supply chain solutions with 17 years of domestic and international experience. In particular, InterLOG provides services and solutions for large FDI factories in Vietnam and contributes to logistics services development. 

Through promoting investment - joint venture - association, specifically the capital contribution to establish ACG, InterLOG co-participated in research, aiming to build ACG to become the first air cargo airline, digitizing and specializing in providing leading aviation cargo for Vietnam in particular and the Asia region in general. Thus, together with ACG, it inspires other Vietnamese enterprises to boldly develop their transportation business on both air and sea routes, serving as a bridge to help Vietnamese goods "circulate" widely in the international market. . This cooperation also connects Vietnamese goods to the global market and optimizes logistics costs for Vietnamese goods. 

This gradually affirms the sustainable development of InterLOG (following the ESG sustainable development model) contributing to raising awareness and joining hands for the development of the logistics community and the Vietnamese economy in general as well as focusing on developing comprehensive logistics solutions for the global supply chain. 

Air freight service (VUAir Cargo) is the first dedicated flight freight service in Vietnam. ACG Chairman affirmed this is the company's efforts on the journey to carry out the mission of improving air transport logistics, becoming the first Cargo Airlines in Vietnam. Moreover, the service is also a bridge for Vietnamese exports to access the global market and contributes to improving the competitiveness of international connectivity for exports, especially key agricultural products./. 

Author: InterLOG
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