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InterLOG: Pioneering the trend of working for employees

Inside InterLOG/ Corporate Culture

In tune with the common working trend of the world, as well as flexibly adapting to any changes from objective or subjective factors, bringing freedom and fresh experiences while still bringing about new experiences. highest work efficiency…InterLOG has chosen to pioneer the trend of "workation" (working combined vacation) for employees.

InterLOG tham gia hoạt động nhặt rác

From first impressions…

Waking up very early in the morning, the weather of autumn makes us feel comfortable, the air is cool and fresh; The sky is also higher and bluer in sight despite standing at the "main point" of Ea Dah - the second poorest commune in Krong Nang district, Dak Lak province. The whole group was excited, felt and compared this place to a miniature "Da Lat" because when viewed from above, the commune below is a green color, closing your eyes to enjoy the space is too pure.

Krong Năng Đak Lak
A corner of Xuan Lang 1 village, Ea Dah commune, Krong Nang district, Dak Lak province has seen from above

Walk along the most beautiful roads of Ea Dah commune, complete the goals of walking and picking up trash, and contributing to environmental protection every day for InterLOG's running competition "Green Spirit - Strong Body" (05/05 - 30/9). The harmonious beauty of nature, the smell of the sun and wind of the land of Dak Lak, the sweat absorbed when walking - experiencing, helping people to be physically healthy - "green" mentally: Happy - Happy (spiritual - physically "happy") - a corporate culture value that InterLOG has been building.

Staff of InterLOG
Members of the Customs Department - Wholesale Business WR1 - InterLOG walked and participated in picking up trash in Ea Dah commune, Krong Nang district, Dak Lak province to complete the goal of walking and picking up trash, contributing to the conservation of waste. Protect the environment daily for InterLOG's "Green Spirit - Strong Body" running competition (September 5 - September 30).

08:00 am, the whole room neatly chooses each person's working corner (similar to the office), discussing related work, needing each other's support...; Each person is highly focused on completing the work as planned, the work items need to be prioritized ... "appointment" with each other to concentrate at most from 2 to 3 hours of work, finish work early, go for a walk, cook... Enjoy the peaceful, quiet atmosphere right now, which is rarely found in the noisy and bustling Saigon.

The morning session ended. We only need to check the to-dos in the afternoon, or a few unexpected tasks (if any). Sometimes listening to urgent phone calls via zalo when customers need urgent advice or need to provide detailed information about customs services… This is typical for a working session of the Customs Department - Wholesale Division WR1 - InterLOG at Ea Dah. During the "journey" the team went through famous landmarks in Dak Lak: Thuy Tien Waterfall, Victory Monument, Ako - Ea Ecotourism Area, etc.

Working combined vacation
A vacation (workation) of Customs - Wholesale Business WR1 - InterLOG at Thuy Tien Waterfall

Above are the feelings that the members of the Customs Department - Wholesale Division WR1 - InterLOG shared after the workation, the first time that the department has done (23/9 - 25/9) since the company launched the workation (11/2021). For the staff of the department, the trip is exactly an interesting experience, shaping a new perception of working forms, improving health - spiritual relaxation; exploring many landmarks and cultures of each locality… From experience, self-development - towards a more complete version (People Development) while "realizing" the action motto "Bread Your Box" - "Breaking Limits, Innovating Yourself" in 2022 by InterLOG people.

…to become a pioneer in the trend of working for employees

Workation is a form of work combined with travel, the word workation is compounded from the word work and the word vacation (holiday) - the trend of travel associated with the remote working of office people originating from the US and other countries. Europe country. Starting to become popular in Asia: Japan (The Go To Travel campaign combined with remote working called by the Japanese government, within nearly a month of its launch, has more than 4.2 million people registered to help) restore the tourism industry, reduce the pain of the Japanese economy...); Vietnam from before the "severe" epidemic took place across the country - Saigon in April 2021, more than 50% of Vietnamese travelers considered booking a room where they came to work instead of staying at home or at the office, etc…

Bình Lập
InterLOG's managers representative discussed with fishermen in Binh Lap
together to pick up trash and protect the environment

Like other businesses, InterLOG has been deeply affected by the pandemic. Therefore, the Board of Directors decided to launch and implement, encourage employees (individuals, groups, departments ...) to participate in the implementation of workation to keep the spirit "green", minimizing the number of people gathered at the office to ensure safety against covid19…

In fact, InterLOG leaders and managers have "tested" workation at Binh Lap island, raising the spirit of a "green environment", working and traveling at the same time: Giving masks with the message "Do not litter - Binh Binh" Make a donation" for the fishermen, collect items and waste at the beach, recycle them with the message "Let's protect the sea, bring a green environment to the sea and islands"... In addition, some InterLOG members have also experienced this form of work when choosing to do personal work in Da Lat and some other localities.

Ms. Nguyen Thieu IFa - InterLOG Human Resources Manager shared: "Workation is an idea that is popular in the world, especially in the US and European countries, but it is almost "weird" to Vietnamese workers who are inherently Vietnamese. used to attach themselves close to the “four walls, air conditioner - ceiling fan. With workation, InterLOG comes close to changing the traditional working model, improving employee welfare - balancing work and rest; with the locality - promoting natural resources - stimulating tourism demand. Advantages for individuals who both travel and work to earn income while still being able to experience and explore new lands.

However, businesses and employees need to have "good coordination" in order to manage working time; the exchange and assurance of confidential information of the company when working in public places…. This helps businesses stay in tune with the world's trends as well as have the ability to flexibly respond to any situation similar to the Covid19 pandemic (or from objective and subjective factors in particular); brings freedom and fresh experiences while still delivering the highest work efficiency.

Especially with InterLOG - this makes a deeper impression on partners and customers because 85% of our customers and partners are FDI corporations and factories, they are already very knowledgeable about workation... Therefore, InterLOG has been and will choose to pioneer the trend of working for employees.”

Author: InterLOG
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