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InterLOG wins second prize at VLA Race Walking – Together for LCI 2022

After only 2 weeks of breakthrough, 7 core members of InterLOG participating in the VLA Race Walking – Together for LCI 2022 have reached 2119 km, conquering 2nd place with contagious joy!

VLA Race Walking – Together for LCI 2022 is held from September 5, 2022, to September 18, 2022, by the Vietnam Logistics Association (VLA) with the goal of responding to the Logistics Competitiveness Index - LCI project, at the same time spreading the movement of health training in the Vietnamese logistics community. The organization program also contributes to the call for a green lifestyle & the spirit of environmental protection in the operation of Logistics enterprises.

With that spirit, InterLOG actively participated in the VLA Race Walking – Together for LCI 2022 and achieved a proud achievement: Second place out of 39 participating teams, joining hands to contribute. for a green spirit - a strong body in the Vietnamese logistics community. InterLOG's "homegrown" athletes from the North to the South are determined with the same spirit for the colors of InterLOG's flags and colors, conquering 2119km, equivalent to 1.5 distances from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi.

07 members representing InterLOG participating in VLA Race Walking won 2nd place overall after 2 weeks of competition

In addition to spreading the spirit of health training, calling for a green lifestyle & protecting the environment, InterLOG members participating in this tournament also received profound lessons in teamwork and “Never give up” from the pioneers.

Ms. Dang Nguyen Thao Linh, Human Resources & Training Specialist from the HCMC office, the only female member of InterLOG representative team participating in this tournament, expressed "True to the spirit of "Break_your_box" of InterLOG in 2022, this is his first "swimming to the ocean" in terms of sports when pitted against members of other logistics enterprises, the program left many memories of teamwork and personal efforts. As the only female member, I feel very excited when it's not "the dumbbell pulling my legs" but the energy that motivates the rest of you. Everyone listens and agrees with most of the comments. If I move 1km, you will move 5km with me. The hardest thing is limited physical strength, so I will break it down into many journeys and strengthen the team more by observing, analyzing, and updating data. play for the team."

2119km journey of 07 InterLOG members in the VLA Race Walking 2022

Phan Van Toan, an employee of the Business Development Department of the Hanoi Branch, who leads the InterLOG team with a personal achievement of more than 655km, shared that the program was very dramatic and challenging, especially the sprints last day. Thanks to the program, he realized that the sportsmanship of the InterLOG members was very high, and at the same time, the biggest lesson for himself was "never give up."

List of Top 10 teams from Vietnam Logistics enterprises participating in VLA Race Walking 2022

List of 07 members representing InterLOG participating in VLA Race Walking 2022

VLA Race Walking

InterLOG acknowledges and thanks the representative members participating in VLA Race Walking 2022

At the end of the tournament, to recognize the contributions of the members participating in this tournament, the company's Board of Directors honored and thanked you for your contributions to the company and Vietnamese logistics community activities.

Giải chạy VLA

The Board of Directors awarded certificates to 07 members who contributed to community activities, joining hands for a green and healthy Vietnam.

Accompanying the big race with logistics enterprises, InterLOG also organized a separate walking tournament named "Journey to contribute to 01 billion trees in Vietnam: Green spirit - Strong body" for members of InterLOG company, which was started in early September. The program raises the spirit of environmental protection and personal health training, and each individual in InterLOG is considered a solid "background", cheering for the 07 members participating in the big tournament. Accordingly, every kilometer performed by InterLOG members will contribute 3,000 VND to the Fund of 1 billion trees in Vietnam, as well as contribute to cheering the frontline members in the VLA Race Walking 2022.

Sharing a steadfast spirit, InterLOG's collective is determined to join hands to protect the environment, and contribute to activities for the logistics community in general and towards the goal of sustainable development #Environment and #Social in particular.

Author: InterLOG
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