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Over 400 enterprises attended the seminar "Green industrial transformation - EU CBAM and Vietnam's carbon neutral roadmap"

The seminar "Green industrial transition - EU CBAM and Vietnam's carbon neutral roadmap" was successfully held of July 25, 2023 on the online with the participation of more than 500 attendees from over 400 enterprises.

On July 25, 2023, International Logistics Corporation (INTERLOG) cooperated with the Vietnam Industry Support Alliance (VISA) to organize an in-depth seminar with the theme "Green industrial transition - EU CBAM and Vietnam's carbon neutral roadmap". The seminar took place on the online platform, attracting more than 500 attendees from over 400 enterprises, including 97 senior leaders from reputable industry associations and enterprises. This shows that the topic of the program is very hot and of real concern to businesses.

The seminar attracted over 500 attendees from many businesses.

Assessing the importance of raising awareness about EU CBAM, Dr. Ha Huy Tuan - Former Deputy Chairman of the National Financial Supervisory Committee, who is also Head of the Economics Department at Chu Van An University, said: "EU CBAM will be implemented from early October this year, however, many businesses, especially manufacturing companies, have not fully understood the carbon border adjustment mechanism (EU CBAM) yet as this concept is still quite new in the Vietnamese market. Failure to understand EU CBAM contents could lead to risks such as exceeding allowed carbon emissions limits, resulting in higher fees."

Dr. Ha Huy Tuan is sharing about the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM).


In reality, businesses rarely pay attention to laws and regulations and do not regularly update new documents. Therefore, they are prone to legal risks that can lead to unnecessary consequences. At this seminar, Mr. Huynh Thanh Trung - Director and co-founder of LEANWARES Joint Stock Company, who is also a member of the Vietnam Industry Support Alliance (VISA), recommended businesses: "Units need to proactively research and continuously update Vietnamese laws and regulations related to the carbon neutral roadmap by 2030. This will help business leaders develop their own appropriate and accurate carbon neutral roadmap for their company, minimizing risks to the maximum extent."

Mr. Huynh Thanh Trung is sharing about greenhouse gases and related laws and regulations.

Towards the goal of sustainable development, Mr. Truong Vinh Khang - Head of Sustainable Development Department, British Standards Institution (BSI), who is also an Expert in Sustainable Development Standards, recognized that businesses must enhance competitive advantage in the supply chain through green strategies, have positive impacts on the environment, reduce carbon emissions. From that, businesses identify practical action plans to establish a carbon neutral roadmap for the company, orienting towards the goal of sustainable development in the future.

Mr. Truong Vinh Khang is sharing about ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, orienting towards a stable and sustainable roadmap.

In addition to the speakers, the seminar also had the participation of Mr. Pham Tuan Hoang - Representative of VSIP Hai Phong Industrial Park Management Board. Mr. Hoang also shared practical experiences in implementing the emission reduction roadmap when applied to the VSIP Hai Phong Industrial Park, through which other businesses could have a more realistic view of how to develop and implement roadmaps, drawing practical lessons to apply to their own companies.

This is a prominent and pressing issue for all businesses, especially manufacturing companies. As a pioneering entity in creating solutions for the manufacturing supply chains of businesses, orienting toward sustainable development trends, InterLOG Company has always stood side by side with industry associations to create connections and bring value to manufacturing enterprises. Ms. Pham Thi Tinh - Commercial Director of InterLOG Hanoi Branch, who is also Head of Solutions Committee of VISA, expressed: "Statistics on climate change impacts on people, environment, economy and society require each individual and organization to contribute responsible social responsibilities for sustainable development and create competitive advantages for businesses in the current difficult economic context. For this reason, as an active member researching solutions for the Vietnamese industry community, InterLOG particularly realizes the need to take action together with the VISA Alliance to raise awareness about Green Transition to businesses in Vietnam, contributing to enhancing competitive capacity in the current period to jointly aim for a strong Vietnam by 2045.

The speakers are answering questions from the businesses.

The seminar helped businesses address obstacles and questions, creating premises for business leaders to propose solutions and action plans to gradually implement them. The seminar "Green Industrial Transition - EU CBAM and Vietnam's Carbon Neutral Roadmap" kicked off the series of seminars "Green Industrial Transition Towards Net-Zero for Sustainable Development Goals" that InterLOG will collaborate with the VISA Alliance to organize continuously from now until mid-2024. These seminars will equip businesses with comprehensive knowledge and practical experience to perfect their Green Industrial Transition Roadmap. The seminars will serve as valuable resources for businesses to arm themselves with sufficient knowledge as well as experience to complete their Green Industrial Transition Roadmap.

Author: InterLOG
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