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Rising petrol prices, what working model will help businesses and employees "crossover"?

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Gasoline prices increase in the world

The constant volatility of various events that took place in the first 20 years of the 21st century, is an "implicit signal" informing the coming time that great changes will occur in the world. The consequences before and after the Covid 19 pandemic have proved this. Moreover, currently, the military war between Russia and Ukraine creates a volatile market and supply chain for petroleum. In particular, the enterprise and its personnel have been significantly affected in the process of production and business. 

So what solution will help businesses and employees "crossover" when gas prices are skyrocketing continuously? 

From the model of working from home (WFH) to respond to the covid19 pandemic 

With the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic, workers from acquaintance (2019) to compulsory (2020 - 2021) have to work from home during the "peak" period of the pandemic, see work from home (WFH) as a temporary response to the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic. 

However, through the survey, of more than 30,000 people/from 31 countries, 70% expect flexible work - work from home after the pandemic. In Vietnam, 81% of workers want to continue working remotely, and more than 75% look forward to seeing colleagues again at the office. Meeting the needs of both groups, only an "open" working environment - hybrid working (HW), a combination of work in the office and online should be the optimal choice. 

Coming to a flexible working solution to respond to fluctuations in petrol prices 

The impact of the current epidemic and socio-political situation has caused the supply of gasoline to be tight, and gasoline prices have continuously peaked since February 2022. 

Inflation in the USA

The "crisis" of gasoline prices from this period on will cause global consequences for the economy, society, enterprises, and especially workers. Because of inflation, the prices of consumer goods also increase. In particular, in the case of the United States, the impact of the increase in gasoline prices is most evident. The price-inflation index increased by more than 8.5% (almost doubled over the same period) despite the US government being considered to have many better inflation control policies. 

Therefore, in addition to complying with and taking advantage of all the State's guidelines and policies to "suppress petrol prices" and reduce costs, Vietnamese businesses need to proactively plan as well as propose solutions for businesses and employees to adapt. And working model Hybrid Work is one of the new solutions to actual requirements. 

The trend of developing Happy - Happy working environment at InterLOG 

From two factors: the Covid19 pandemic, the reality of the petroleum market - the petroleum supply chain, InterLOG is one of the businesses that always puts people at the center of all development and knows how to put themselves in the initiative, according to the “common flow of fluctuations”. Specifically, the Board of Directors has proposed optimal solutions in governance, applying a combination of WFH & HW models from the end of 2021 when the pandemic gradually stabilizes beside the advantages of HW: help employees work flexibly while ensuring productivity. 

Entering the "new normal" period, InterLOG has fully applied and implemented the flexible working (HW) model from the beginning of 2022. Employees have 02 working days from home per week (employees can actively arrange the schedule) to ensure the safety of all employees when the pandemic is still complicated in the first months of the year. 

Thereby helping employees form flexible working habits, saving expenses - moving costs to the company and vice versa. The fact that employees working from home do not use motorbikes continuously also helps to reduce emissions and protect the environment, which is also a criterion for building sustainable development according to the company's ESG model. 

Thien Kim, an employee of InterLOG, shared, "I feel more comfortable and less pressured when I balance my work schedule at the office and home. Every day, I do not have to face traffic jams and dust, saving time to focus on completing work better." 

The above activities are the premise for InterLOG to strongly develop a hybrid working model (HW) from June 2022. Estimated working schedule to apply 03 working days from home per week to cut more travel costs, maximum savings for employees. InterLOG determines that this working model must be implemented and expanded, and considers this as a "scenario" to respond flexibly to all situations such as Covid19 (2021) or before the price of petrol has a great influence on the economic, social compared to today. 

Sharing about the new corporate governance model, Ms. Tran Bao Ngoc - Deputy Director in charge of Human Resources said: “Although the Covid-19 epidemic has subsided, it has not yet said anything; and right now when gasoline prices peak continuously like today, InterLOG believes that these fluctuations will still last, so in addition to applying hybrid work (HW), the company also proposes many flexible solutions. for employees: Encourage employees to take the bus or bicycle to the company and vice versa; self-regulating personal CCUs such as saving spending - smart shopping, increasing the use of recyclables - reusing old things, sharing economy applications - organizing activities together to grow green vegetables and harvest…” 

With HW (WFH + WIO), digital technology will play a very important role in the working process and connection between employees, between employees and businesses; help people connect with colleagues, partners, family, and friends everywhere. In particular, each person who works according to this model will achieve a balance in work and life. This is also one of the factors to build a Happy - Happy working environment in InterLOG's ESG sustainable development strategy./. 

Author: InterLOG
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