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Welcoming AUS4SKILL students group to visit and study about the warehouse system and distribution center

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In order to help students enhance their knowledge as well as skills towards warehouse operations, ​​thereby InterLOG has facilitated students to freely apply for to gain a better understanding about warehouse operations, facilities, services and working environment at the company. Recently, the International Logistics Corporation Company (InterLOG) had a meeting to welcome a group of students and lecturers from Ho Chi Minh City College of Economics (HCE) coming to study about the warehouse system and distribution center.

At the beginning, InterLOG's representative not only expressed the company's willingness to the students and lecturers of the Faculty of Business Administration, HCMC University of Economics - a member of Aus4skills program, but also briefly introduced the system, scale and warehousing services of the company.

Besides, InterLOG also introduced and assisted students in having a deeper insight into the working process and necessary skills of a specific warehouse worker. Therefore, helping HCE students has a more complete and comprehensive view of warehouse operations at logistics enterprises.

Also, interLOG’s representative additionally presented about other services of the company to the logistics market. This is considered an opportunity for students to have access to a complete knowledge about logistics and have more chances to hone and perfect their language skills as well as specialized knowledge to therefore choosing interLOG to be their future workplace.

After the visit, the students expressed their excitement about the activities in the tour and the company's facilities. On the other hand, both representatives of interLOG and HCE also showed a common desire of strengthening connections and jointly organizing further study tours to improve capacity and develop high-qualified Logistics human resources in order to meet urgent needs of increasing human resources of Vietnam's logistics industry, especially  in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0 and international economic integration as well.

Author: InterLOG
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