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InterLOG and VISA jointly organize the seminar "Global turmoil and its effects on Vietnam's supply chain"

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On September 15, InterLOG and VISA, Halana jointly organized the seminar "Global logistics disruption and its effects on Vietnam's supply chain" at the Vietnam - Singapore Industrial Park Management Board (Thuan An City) office. Associate Professor - Dr. Ho Thi Thu Hoa, Director of the Vietnam Logistics Research and Development Institute participated in the workshop.

Ms. Ho Thi Thu Hoa - Assoc. Prof. Ph.D. - The director of Vietnam Logistics Research and Development Institute presented the Theme "Global Logistics Disturbance- and its effects on the supply chain in Vietnam" at the Conference.

At the conference, experts gave presentations on:

  • The global logistics disturbance, and the effects on the Vietnamese supply chain;
  • Experience in adapting, in the face of supply chain disruptions, during the covid-19 pandemic in 2021, and in the current global logistics turmoil;
  • Adaptive solutions for businesses in the face of "Global Logistics disturbance, and its effects on Vietnam's supply chain";
  • E-commerce trends, in the industry - contribute to solving the current global supply chain disruption problem
Mr. Le Thanh Ton - Deputy Commercial Director of InterLOG in Ho Chi Minh City responded to the press about the solutions that InterLOG has been implementing to support the development of the supporting industry and the Vietnamese sector in general.

Ms. Ho Thi Thu Hoa - Associate Professor - Doctor Director of the Vietnam Logistics Research and Development Institute said: The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the supply chain to all localities across the country. Specifically, in Binh Duong, the transportation of goods and raw materials of production factories faced many difficulties and challenges. Currently, Binh Duong has been and needs a strategy in sourcing input materials, and increasing supply; especially in the domestic market.

InterLOG advises and introduces their enterprise; information about the program, to participating businesses

This requires suppliers in the domestic market and Binh Duong, in particular, to prepare well for production infrastructure, and product quality to meet manufacturers' standards, and create opportunities while developing an ecosystem of raw material suppliers, helping investors feel secure to invest in production and business when choosing Binh Duong as an investment market.

The whole of the conference

To contribute to the development of Vietnam's supporting industry - SI businesses, and with VISA to cope with the current situation of global supply chain disruptions, InterLOG is both a founding member and a companion throughout the world. transparently with Visa in almost all activities related to logistics development through the provision of reputable logistics services as well as supply chain solutions, cost optimization - converting the supply chain to buy domestic goods./.

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