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Mr. Nguyen Duy Minh and VLA representatives successfully won the right to host FIATA WORLD CONGRESS 2025 (FWC 2025) in Vietnam

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On September 27, 2022, VLA received a letter from FIATA - International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA) - FIATA World Congress 2022 (FWC 2022) announcing and congratulating Vietnam for being selected to host FIATA World Congress 2025 ( FCW 2025).

FIATA sent congratulatory letters from Mr. Ivan Petrov - FIATA President to VLA Association (left) and Mr. Nguyen Duy Minh - Chairman and CEO of InterLOG (right) representing VLA to present the strengths of Vietnam at FWC 2022.

IATA officially sent a letter from Mr. Ivan Petrov - FIATA President to the Vietnam Logistics Association (VLA) to inform and congratulate Vietnam on officially winning the right to host FWC 2025. In the letter, FIATA assessed the high capacity of VLA in its efforts to develop the logistics service industry and believes that the event will take place successfully.

Previously, Mr. Nguyen Duy Minh - General Secretary of VLA - Chairman of the Board of Directors, and General Director of InterLOG was one of 03 members representing VLA - Vietnam to present the strengths of Vietnam to win the right to host FWC 2025 at the FIATA World Congress 2022 (FWC 2022) in Busan - Korea (September 15 - 16).

Mr. Nguyen Duy Minh has held the position of General Secretary of the Vietnam Association of Logistics Service Enterprises since November 2015; together with InterLOG, actively contributed to the development of the Association in recent years, especially in market research and member connection. Mr. Minh is trusted and believes that he will continue to contribute to the Association's better operation as well as the "representative" of InterLOG to connect and work actively at VLA, with members - associations to improve logistics industry capacity in particular and Vietnam's economy in general. Thereby, InterLOG both learns more experiences and shows responsibility to the community, especially the logistics community, as well as strengthens social connections through the association towards sustainable development under the ESG model.

FIATA World Congress 2022 is the annual meeting of the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA) - FWC 2022, periodically held every three years by the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations - FIATA) - the world's largest organization in the field of freight forwarding organizations. Information about the contents of the FWC2022 program and the agenda is shared at "InterLOG accompanies the VLA Association at FIATA World Congress 2022".

Winning the right to host FWC 2025 in Vietnam opens up opportunities for Vietnamese logistics and export enterprises to exchange, meet, and exchange; especially the opportunity to cooperate with the world's leading logistics enterprises. Thereby, improving logistics capacity for businesses in particular and the logistics industry nationwide; step by step affirming the position of the logistics industry and promoting Vietnam's image in the international arena, indirectly opening up opportunities to increase import and export, improve competitiveness for businesses, and develop tourism.

It is expected that FWC 2025 will be held at the National Convention Center with the main hotel being the 5-star JW Mariott Hotel (Hanoi) with funding from socialization. The VLA Association also said that besides businesses in the field of logistics, Vietravel - the leading tourism company in Vietnam will accompany FWC 2025 to create a special mark for the upcoming program that is first organized in Vietnam./.

Author: InterLOG
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