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InterLOG Company Trip: Journey to explore the Vietnam Southern 2023

After a wonderful trip in the sacred land of Chau Doc, the journey "Exploring the Southern" has ended, but the memories and memorable experiences during the trip will forever be in the minds of InterLOG members.

Chau Doc - a sacred land famous for its beautiful landscapes and unique culture, we have experienced an enchanting trekking journey on Cam mountain, enjoying the beauty of rich vegetation and the traditional drum songs of the local people.

Núi Cấm Châu Đốc
Magnificent Cam Mountain with a romantic lake view, source: collect

On this trip, we had the opportunity to challenge ourselves with the romantic Cam mountain trekking route, marching on the poetic jaggery field, immersing in the drum dance of the local people, enjoying Enjoy jaggery juice and cake, admiring the beautiful scenery from above, as well as follow each other through the rich vegetation here.

Núi Cấm
InterLOG members follow each other to trek at Cam mountain

Moreover, we can also participate in exciting Team Building activities in Cham village - where everyone has immersed themselves in the unique culture, unleashed on the show of talent and the spirit of teamwork race to the top.

Làng Chăm Châu Đốc
Members participating in Team Building Cosplay costumes in Cham village
Văn hóa làng Chăm
Happy-Happy value when participating in making beef cakes in Cham village

In addition, we cannot ignore the discovery of famous landmarks in Chau Doc, such as visiting Ba Chua Xu Temple, paying tribute and offering incense to the legendary Ngoc Hau at his mausoleum, sincerely burning incense at the Tay An Co Tu Pagoda, etc. These destinations bear within themselves the great history of Dai Viet and reflect the proud idealistic culture of Vietnam.

Miếu Bà Chúa Xứ

Not only that, but InterLOG members also bring meaningful gifts to the country in general and Chau Doc City in particular. Starting from the tireless footsteps of the 19,505 km journey over 26 days in UpRace season 2, we converted it into 2500 trees and gave it to Chau Doc City on June 12. This also responds to the Prime Minister's call "For a Green Vietnam" in 2021-2025, thereby showing concern for the environment and community responsibility.

Hoạt động cộng đồng
InterLOG members are planting trees along the roadside, contributing to protecting the common environment of Vietnam

In summary, with the above activities, InterLOG's "Exploring the Southern" journey this time not only focuses on connecting people, experiencing local culture, developing human resources, and expanding knowledge, ... but at the same time, it is also a matter of donating 2500 trees to protect the environment, giving paintings and gratitude to the god who opened the realm of Thoai Ngoc Hau according to the tradition of "drinking water, remembering the source," learning about the origin of Hoa Hao Buddhism of the Southwest region.

Giao lưu văn hóa địa phương
InterLOG members are enjoying the vibrant drum music of the local people

Intending to create a Happy - Happy corporate culture, InterLOG wishes to create a healthy playground and a nurturing environment for talents so that members can become more elite and elite. All these achievements will continue to propel InterLOG in its journey to create a sustainable supply chain and bring tremendous value to society.

Author: InterLOG
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